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Hmm.. Earmark spending down 40% since Dems took over in 06, Thad Cochran Republican (2 bill) in 3 years ?

60% of earmarks this year alloted by Dems

40% By Repugs

which makes sense as the Dems are the majority

But Thad Cochran still spent more than anyone else?

Thought Republicans were "small gov/less taxes/ less spending advocates ?


google it yourself ..or just look at the headlines here on Yahoo...

shocker, real news from a news source

Update 2:

I didn't make up anything... so now that your "You Lie" comment is shot down.. are you suddenly Liberals ?

Update 4:

what is it with you Tea Bag people.. Did I mention anything here at all about you and your (fox news) fake movement ?

what a bunch of busy bodies...

Update 5:

. it couldn't be that we've got 800 military bases world wide, are involved both covertly and overtly in at least 3 countries ..and shovel money to the pentagon unflinchingly like heroin addicted junkies to a pusher?

"Entitlement" is another buzzword for sound bite warriors.

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    This just goes to show you what a non-issue earmarks really are when it comes to the state of the overall economy. They are a tiny percentage of our budget. Even if eliminated all together, we would still be in a financial crisis.

    So, while earmarks are morally repugnant, they are merely a distraction from the real issue, the issue both democrats and republicans avoid: our entitlement society costs too much! Forcible redistribution of wealth is not the solution to our problems.

    I will make the distinction between Republicans and Tea Partiers here: Republicans haven't seemed to grasp this simple truth, while Tea Partiers have. That is why Tea Partiers have vigorously campaigned to eliminate big spenders from the Republican ranks, even if it costs Republicans a seat (see, e.g., the campaign in Western NY directed against Dede Scozzafava, the GOP establishment-backed nominee whom they view as a tax-and-spender unfit for office. Ditto Florida's Charlie Crist, a once-popular governor who is now badly losing a Senate primary battle against a previously little-known opponent campaigning on fiscal responsibility. )

    So, yes...Republicans are hypocrites. But that comes with being a member of Congress.

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    honestly. it extremely is why i'm so offended with them. you spot, i'm a Conservative. I understand it really is a bill that develop into written very last three hundred and sixty 5 days, earlier the present disaster in spite of the undeniable fact that it extremely isn't any excuse to bypass it now. the abode might want to not have exceeded it and now the Senate might want to reject it back to the abode. I strongly propose that they in simple terms put off it and leave the Federal funds as is. they could be able to do this with persevering with resolutions. The result might want to be to easily save the Federal funds at its modern-day stages somewhat than improve spending on each and every thing by round 8% develop into nicely as pay for all those earmarks. I implore anybody to the contact your senator and demand they reject this bill and positioned the federal authorities on a similar eating routine we are now on. the days of ever increasing budgets are over. Stick a fork in this bill. *

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    Republicans talk a lot about a lot of things that they know will appeal to their base. Their actions however are usually quite different from their talk. Their results are even worse. That is why Republicans are criticized so heavily for their blatant hypocrisy.

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    LOL at your idiotic attempt at "hypocrisy"! Obviously, you were too busy smearing the TEA Party to realize we are targeting BOTH PARTIES (OMG, there goes that "hate speech" again!) Progressives and RINOS for their excesses. You may have noticed this if not for your inane "Us vs Them" mentality... and why, if you are truly AGAINST what you state, you should be joining us, waving a sign, in all State capitals tomorrow.

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    OK so the question is linked to it's source..

    suddenly no more answers ? LOL


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    Thad is on the short list to be removed too .. Old dog been around too long

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    LOL, love it. Democrats accomplish what republicans only talk about doing.

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    Republicans never back up their rhetoric with action.

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    Source it, or you made it up.

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    C'mon... We ALL know better than that.

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