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Clueless on Potential Pregnancy!- Please Inform Me?

So Basically! - I have been somewhat close to extremely careless throughout all my sexual encounters the past three years. I have had over nineteen partners within that time, which may seem a little stupid. But my point is!

After the first encounters without protection (due to impaired judgment) & not getting pregnant, I figured I wasn't going to get pregnant.

YES! This probably has you rolling your eyes as do I mine, but I did use protection some of the times I did have intercourse.

RECENTLY, I had intercourse with multiple people, & we did use protection,

but I have been having a lot of abnormal symptoms.

Nausea, Abdomen pain, Frequent Urination, Insane cravings, ETC.

Even though we used protection, is it possible due to all the previous risks I have taken,

that maybe I tried my luck one too many times ?

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    Very possible. It could just be that you never had sex during ovulation and this time you did. You can get pregnant even while using protection. If you have missed your period you should take a HPT. If you haven't missed your period, wait until you miss and then take a HPT.

    Source(s): 38 weeks with baby #1
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    It's possible.

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    any time you have sex you can get pregnant...period

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