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What class should i team up with for 2v2 arena WoW?

And Is this a good 2v2 healing build?

What about the Glyphs?

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    Holy Paladins go well with most other pure dps classes. But warriors, frost mages and shadow priests would be my pick. I would consider aura mastery in the holy tree if I was you, and maybe improved Lay on hands. Being able not to be silenced for 6 secs is very useful in pvp for a paladin especially when you need to be able to heal someone urgently - saves you blowing your bubble. Also the improved LOH will definitely help when facing melee opponents. Hope this helps.

  • wilde
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    4 years ago

    i could pass with the lock. If u can shop him healed, u will very own. he will concern and that they'll never even touch the lock. For spec, i could pass demonology. Cant pass incorrect with the pets.

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