What do small business spend money on?

I am trying to pull together information on what a small business spends it money on. I have been looking around for the last week and I realized that I don't know what I don't know. If anyone could point me to a list with prices that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!


pens, paper, toner, computers, software, desks, advertising, insurance, legal fees, internet service, fax machines, marketing, ect...

If anyone could point me to a full list that would be awesome.

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    Your highest expense is going to be payroll. This will take up between 0-25% of revenue you have (but no more than 24%). Utilities are also a huge expense taking up a good 6-10%. Inventory is also going to be a large expense if you are selling a tangible product. Administrative costs are going to come in on the low end of costs at around 5% (which will include nearly everything you mentioned above). Insurance is also a low end cost ranking around the 5% mark.

    There is no set amount of money that should be spend on things, but mathematically, especially if you are seeking investors, this should work out to percentages based on revenue and what you can afford.

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    There is no "list" - each small business is going to be different - you wouldn't expect to find stoves, dishwashers etc. in a retail store and you wouldn't expect to find display shelving and racks in a small restaurant. Some commonalities are - help (payroll), insurance, rent, electricity, other utilities. For fixed assets (furnishing the business), why not just walk into a business that is similar and look around - all the stuff there had to be bought (for example, a jewelry store might have a big safe, display cases, various jewelers tools, etc).

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    They aren't small business if the big cheese is telling them what to do & how to do it. Even if they pay all the fees & Taxes, before, during & after the transactions.

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    merial cost and advertising

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    Inventory, payroll, overhead (electricity, repairs, etc.)

    Advertising (if the small business does that)

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