Can you describe an incident in which you actually experienced racism from a white person in real life?

Most of the users here... let me amend that; most of the racist black users here cry and whine about white people, and how badly blacks have been treated historically in America.

I see posts every day where one or more of them are trying to use statistics or articles to substantiate their claims that white people all want to oppress black people.

I'm not so naive as to think racism doesn't exist, but I cannot accept that black people in 2010 face nearly the same challenges as their grandparents did. People in the 50's and 60's had a right to bìtch. Not today.

I would like to hear some of your stories about how white racism has directly impacted your life, and how often you actually feel racism from white people. Activity on Yahoo Answers does not count as being the victim of racism; you choose to come here, knowing how the trolls are.

BQ - If you HAVE experienced racism, how do you think that its effects on you would compare to how bad things were 50 years ago in this country? Would your grandparents even bat an eye at what you consider racism?


Kendrick, that's what I mean. You're feeling resentful over things that never happened to you.

I got really pìssed over the Jena Six incident. I got really pìssed at the Fire Five incident. Both happened within the last couple of years, and in both cases, the black criminals got off with a slap on the wrist.

But, that didn't impact ME, personally. It would be just like getting mad at reading something in a fictional novel; you're angry at the CONCEPT, not the impact it has on you, personally.

So, I ask again; what has happened to YOU? YOU are not all black people. What has whitey done to YOU?

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    10 years ago
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    Oh god...I've had so many incidents of blacks being racist towards me. I'll just give you a few.

    I was standing at the front desk in the library patiently waiting for service from the black librarian, who was going out of her way to ignore me. At some point, a black family came and stood in line behind me. She instantly waved them in front of me and checked out their books, while I stood there, mouth agape. She was very polite to them and after they left I said..I was in line first. She said "yeah what do you want"...really rudely.

    Another one was when I was a freshman in college living in a predominantly black dorm. Black girls were getting dressed to go out and party that night downtown. One asked if I wanted to go with them and when she closed the dorm door as I walked out I heard one say..."She white! I don't want her with us!" Needless to say, I didn't go.

  • 10 years ago

    It's much deeper than you think. This pain is passed down from generation after generation after generation.

    But anyway, the first time I experienced any form of racism , was in the 6th grade at a predominantly white school in Texas.....And a group of "kickers" (racist white kids who wore cowboy boots to school and tight jeans) and they would walk up behind me everyday and call me ngger ngger ngger! and run up and pull my hair and run off. I was only 4' 11' ft, 97lbs at the time. I didn't know what racism was! Lol.

    A couple more incidents happened after that, but it's not even worth discussing.

    Anyway, in college and I met some of the most down-to-earth whites, who also hated any form of racism. I don't really experience racism now, because white men are too busy flirting! Lol. But I realized that some people are just taught to be racist and hateful. It's sad.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    When I was younger I can think of two different incidents where someone called my mom and aunte N***er lovers, I was treatd differently in 4th and 5th grade for having a white mother.

    I have not experienced any racism now that i'm older I honestly get more slack from white people than blacks. Especially with cops a lot of white cops let me go (bf says because white cops like pretty girls) but everytime I get a black cop well 2/3 I got multiple tickets (bf says because we blacks aren't shallow). I don't think racism occurrs that much anymore

    My bf like I have written in above statement believes that racism is till here and how it's much harder for a black man than any other man but also believes no matter the race of a female if you're pretty then you will be treated better.


    you do have a lot of rasim going on among white but it's getting better me and my sister went to wild country and we had white guys try and talk to us even had two girl bartenders say how pretty and model material we were. We even made 3 white guy friends and 1 bi-racial who was with them and we kick it with them all the time now.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Katrina- But of course its my fault for not knowing how to swim.

    School- I had several racist teachers, that called my fellow classmates stupid N's for not knowing are work. In the same token he wouldn't teach either so....

    Police Brutality- My Uncle was charged with a crime he didn't commit, he didn't even fit the description of the dude who did it. He was also badly beaten by police officers and was left in a coma for 3 months until he pasted.

    White Sex Offenders So many Live in my neighborhood, But yet are racist. How rretarded.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    2 times come to mind.

    One - I was called the N word multiple times by a bunch of white guys...and I was just minding my business when they did it.

    Two - A white guy leaning against a wall deliberately rammed into me as I walked by, and when I asked him what the hell he did that for he just laughed.

    Of course racism isn't the same as it was 50 years ago. But it's still rotten to experience.

  • 10 years ago

    Neo, I don't dislike you but honestly I would need an entire library to catalog my racist experiences.

    Here are few ones that stand out:

    * I was stopped coming from Houston by a cop. I was not speeding, I never drive over the speed limit, and no taillights were out, no warrants/tickets, etc. He was rude and hostile. I allowed him to search my car but that wasn't enough. He assumed I was carrying drugs or something. He did a CAVITY SEARCH. I will let you imagine what I mean. Think of it like a "Reagan Test". It was horrifying and still ranks as number one. Friends and family say it happened because of the car I was driving.

    * A professor (a tenured one) of mine at university told N***er jokes in class. This was in the 1990s, not 40 years ago.

    * When I was living in Germany a man raped me. Yes, he was White. Despite the tests and the bruises, the police in the area grilled me...convinced I must have been a prostitute and when that was not proven that I must have "provoked it" in some way...

    * Colleagues at the firm I am employed with often use slurs and other terms to describe me. When I was promoted I got a nice email from one of them calling me an "evil, crackhead voodoo b*tch"

    * At a charity "run" event I was about to pass out. I staggered near a woman who was passing out water. She closed her cooler and poured out the water she was holding. If it hadn't been for a man near me with a hip flask I probably would have completely passed out.

    * At my university, I was asked to take 3 tests again, in college Calculus. I had to go to the dean's office. I took the tests again but only to prove a point. It seems they didn't believe I made the high scores I did and thought I had found a way of cheating. I had to take it BY MYSELF with the professor, his T.A. and the college dean. I was the only Black person in this class and the only person with high scores that was asked to take any tests again.

  • Lyric
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    10 years ago

    1. My WHITE aunt calls me a dirty spick n!gg3r because my father married a biracial woman.

    2. I had 1 white guy spit on me when he saw me hanging out with his son. My dad ****** him up real good. LOL

    3. I overheard 2 white ppl that I thought were my friends calling me a mixed negress behind my back.

    That's life though, you can't hold on to that shyt forever, it makes you bitter.

    EDIT: Neo you're doing the same thing you're accusing blacks of. What has anyone here done to you personally, yet you're so mean to all blacks. I bet you're gonna insult me now that you know I'm 1/4 black. LOL

  • 10 years ago

    Racism has changed. Nobody is going to flat out come out and say they are racist! Most people (white people) don't like confrontation to begin with now you stick on the fact that they might even get funny looks from their own race? and then they see problems.

    Racism today is very borderline silent.

    Racism is when i go talk to a white girl. And shes rambling on shooting off black stereotypes then she says "my mother tells me that black men don't make good husbands"

    The fact that she said that is not racism. But i would say when i comes down to not marrying somebody you love because they are black. Well thats racist my friend.

    Most people see it as a personal preference but if you base that decision off race, its racist, plain and simple

    And seriously i go to the bar a lot, youd be surprised how many racist comment fly out of drunk white peoples mouth. Especially if your involving women. White guys since we came over fear we are taking their women. Thats why "shes a slut or she just wants him for....." when she dates a black guy. They just want to justify it. Racism i tell you.

    Bonus Question: Yes, my dad grew up in the 70's and you can bet their was racism then. But he still "bats an eye" at racist people.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I doesn't have to happen to me personally, but when I see it happening to other black people, I am very angered by it. Like that black man who was dragged to death from a pick up truck by 3 white men in 2000, I wanted to murder all whites for what happened..other blacks felt this way too.

    Whites are known for having a very evil history for harming black people and other darker races and destroying the Earth and mankind itself.

    It's disgusting.

    -My question to you is why are you so bitter towards blacks? I can bet a black person has never done anything to you...I'm sure you don't know a single black person personally either.

  • 10 years ago

    No one just you!

    BQ Everything would be great if you stopped being racist just saying lol

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