using yahoo classic mail how do you block the entire hotmail domain?

Using Yahoo mail classic, I want to block 100% of mail from Hotmail.

DO NOT answer with the stupid response of how to block a single address, I want to block all of the @hotmail domain.

Things like * and "" are meet with the yahoo error box.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Yahoo help indicates that the domain name should work.

    "If you want to block messages from a particular source, just list the sender’s specific address or entire domain."

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  • Lyn G
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Well, Robert, you block the address(es) - in a special way.

    Look for the 'Options' link at upper right corner of mail screen and click on it

    Options /mail options

    Click on 'spam' in the list on the left.

    Then in 'Blocked Email Addresses,' enter the E-mail address you wish blocked, in the box after 'Add a blocked address' and click on the 'add' button -

    block the entire domain, by putting in


    for instance: *

    In your case, you want to type in *, then click on 'save changes' at top left of screen.

    You will never get mail from that domain again.

    Hope this helps

    • Paul4 years agoReport

      Do not use the @ symbol in the domain name you want to block.

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