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How do you feel about cameras nosing into people's misery?

I remember seeing images of a woman crying over her dead husband with snot running all over the place in an old LIFE magazine and couldn't see how it'd be appropriate to take pictures. Same thing with the severe earthquakes of recent.

However... if there is no media coverage, the extent of war, etc could be underestimated. Like with the Holocaust.

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    No matter what job you have, you have the responsibility to do it in a civil and respectful manner. Documentation is one thing.....and celebrity feeding frenzies are another. There isn't any responsibility by the media, and that's wrong. They aren't deserving of any bad behavior or of any exalted positions. What do they risk for their transgressions? What if a dentist, for example, went out on the street and harrassed people to come see him like that? I can't wait for a business to start where cameramen are hired to record other media people's bad behavior. Then their misfortunes can be observed by everyone. Now THAT'S fair.

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    Well it all depends on how you look at it. The celebrity walking to there car all drunk with their *** hanging out says a lot about how much we care as we are the losers that actually appreciate that junk. As for media coverage on news that is an absolute necessity.

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    I wish we didn't need them. But we do. Violence and crimes peak throughout the year, and it's always nice to know that justice is watching...

    But power can be abused. I know that when I leave my house tomorrow, my every movement can be tracked via satellite and the use of public cameras..There's millions.

    How do I feel about that? Exposed, recorded, and cataloged.

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    With good intentions behind the camera sure, but people that use pictures to exploit others pain for their own profit don't jive with my feelings.

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    I share the same thoughts....

    Its really sad...

    They sometimes forget that these are human, with feelings n emotion...

    Journalist should earn n do their job, but at the same time they should not forget that they r human too.............

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    Those camera people have no souls or compassion. All they want is their money.


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