Can you transfer unemployment benefits from Ca. to massachusetts?

I am leaving the state of California seeking employment in Massachusetts, I am wondering if unemployment benifits can be transfered from Ca. to Ma., I thank you very much for helping me with this as this is my first lay off.

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    Most work performed in California, or in other states qualifies an individual for UI benefits as California has a joint state system in place it shouldn't be a problem assuming that California and Massachusetts have an interstate compact. You would however have to be readily looking for employment and ready to accept a position if one is offered

    Additional information: as all unemployment insurance is mandated by the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (1939)

    all states have what is known as a interstate claim

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    UI is handled at a state level. It can not be transferred from one state to another. Each individual state has their own procedures, payment tier system, requirements, etc. to continue receiving UI in California, you must remain in California and be available for work and actively pursuing a job here.

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    Your unemplyment benifits are non-transferable because your employer only pays unemplyment benfits taxes for the state of California only. The state of Massachusetts will not cover your unemplyment because no one has paid for YOUR unemplyment benifits.

    Source(s): self knowlage as a buisness owner
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    I believe that so long as you are entitled to receive CA unemployment payments when you file, you can go elsewhere provided you are still looking for work. It would be best to call CASDI and discuss with them.

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    No. Benefits granted and paid by one state cannot be imposed on another state.

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    i don't think so as moving isn't a reason for not being unemloyed...

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