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How to keep dog out of trash?

Nothing seems to be working, I have a 2 year old cocker spaniel that is a little trash I love her but this a habit that is really getting out of hand. I have tried just about everything I can think of. I just want some new ideas of how you would stop this.


Thanks for the replys.. no i am not lazy i do take my trash out more than once a day if it calls for it... but i am not going to waste money, i have tried lids, sounds, and water bottles. Even a correction to show her and say no. She is crate trained when we are not home. But, she is SO freakin sneaky. I have not tried smells, baby locks or weights and i do not have cabinet space to put it in a cabinet. And my kitchen is like jointed openly to the living room, so i can not block it. And in no way am I for shock collars.

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    If you've "tried everything", I'm assuming you've tried a can with a lid. How about baby-proofing the can? Without opposable thumbs, she won't get into it. The other option is to place your can inside a cupboard...a lot of people do this under the kitchen sink; or you can put it in a closed pantry or similar situation. They also sell "alarms" that work on a sound aversion premise and she won't usually want to repeat the experience after a couple of times...just do this on a Saturday when you're home so you can reset it and she doesn't have to listen to it all day until someone comes home...that could do more harm than good.

    It is a dangerous to do whatever possible to protect her from herself, even if it's a little inconvenient to the people in the house.

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      My dog is deaf and also gets into cabinets so that is not a good answer.

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    I agree with alias boxer, you need to get a trash can with a lid, and weight it down.

    Also, have you tried sound diversion? Loud noises usually help after a few times, and if she's only getting into the trash when you're not home, you can buy an alarm (a cheap one, of course) that detects movement and will briefly play a loud sound when she tries to tip it. There's also a spray that you can put on the trash can, which dogs find unappealing and it should keep her away, though there's no guarantee.

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      My dogs knock the can over and chewed the top off a brand new can that was empty.

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    What we do is supervise new dogs very closely. They are confined to our area which includes the kitchen with a baby gate. When they investigate the trash they get an "EH!" and brought back into the den and given a toy. We basically teach them to leave the trash can alone. Even after we trust them enough to leave them alone I always take the trash out. No need to tempt the innocent! :-)

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    Make sure you keep your garbage secure, so your dog can't get to it. Put it in under your sink if you can and use a child-proof lock on the opening. You could also try putting a gate in your kitchen entrance or closing the door if you have one to keep your dog out of the kitchen altogether.

    For other garbage receptacles, keep them where your spaniel can't access, like in the garage.

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    Get a trash can with a lid, then put weights in the bottom of the can so it cannot be knocked over.

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    remember metal ash cans with metal lids

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    1) get a lidded trash can, not plastic but a heavy tall wooden one.

    2) mount it on a rolling rack UNDER the sink. Lowes (home improvement store) carrys a good selection of Revi shelf or something like that.

    3) Put mousetraps and/or wasabi in the top of the trash (and let the dog get a CORRECTION).

    4) Crate the dog when you are not home, & tether the dog to you, when you can't watch him/her.

    Source(s): 25 years experience in dogs.
  • I'm not a fan of covering problems, I'd rather fix them. I'd get an e-collar and put some cooked steak on the top of the trash...and then I'd patiently wait for him to slink off and try to get into the trash. And then I'd give him a very high stim. This is called avoidance training. You make the correction so great the dog avoids the situation ever again in life. I do this between 1-3 times with a particular dog and they never try to get in the trash again, EVER.

    -edit- wow 11 td's but not even 11 answers. Obviously if you td me you have an opinion on how to do it better, why not speak up?

    Anyway don't "in any way" be for "shock" collars (they're called remote trainers or electric collars actually)...but when your dog gets in the trash and eats a cooked, splintered bone and dies or needs an emergency surgery tell the vet "I don't believe in 'shock' collars"...

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    Bet you did not think to take the trash out of the house more than once a day.

    Lazy is as lazy does.

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