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How to use STP in chemistry?

if a question asked:

When barium carbonate is heated strongly, carbon dioxide gas evolved. IF 12.55G of Barium carbonate is heated, what volume of CO2(g) would be produced when collected at STP?

BaCO3(s) --> BaO(s) + CO2(g)

How would I do this problem?

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    Use the ideal gas law. STP means 0oC (273 K), 1 atm P but first you have to do some stoichiometry calculations as follows:

    Convert grams of BaCO3 to moles of BaCO3. From the balanced equation, we see that for every one mole of BaCO3 we get 1 mole of CO2. So, the number of moles CO2 = the number of moles of BaCO3.

    Now you know the number of moles, the P, the T and can solve for volume using the ideal gas law.

    Hope that helps.

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    If you have 1 mole of Barium Carbonate which its molecular weight is 197.35 heated strongly then barium oxide which has a molecular weight of 153.33 or 1 mole should yield 1 mole of Carbon dioxide with a molecular weight of 44.00.

    The Ideal Gas Law is PV=nRT

    P=Pressure in atmospheres

    V=Volume in liters

    n=moles of gas

    R=Ideal Gas Constant

    T=Temperature in Kelvin.

    If you need further help I can calculate it for you.

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    How To Use Stp

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