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What could ATF stand for?


maybe something funny..

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    cronym Definition

    ATF Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

    ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (US Department of Justice)

    ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid

    ATF Advanced Technology Fighter

    ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

    ATF Armored Task Force (warfare game simulation)

    ATF Activating Transcription Factor

    ATF After the Fact

    ATF AJAX Toolkit Framework

    ATF Aviation Turbine Fuel

    ATF Acquire the Fire

    ATF After the Fire (Band)

    ATF ASEAN Tourism Forum (annual travel convention)

    ATF After the Fall

    ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter

    ATF All-Time Favorite

    ATF All Time Favorite

    ATF Arab Thought Forum (Palestine)

    ATF American Type Foundry

    ATF Above The Fold (web/print advertising)

    ATF As Trustee for (finance)

    ATF Amphibious Task Force

    ATF Fleet Ocean Tug

    ATF Arrived to Find

    ATF Air Task Force

    ATF Anterior Talofibular (ligament)

    ATF French Southern and Antarctic Lands (ISO Country code)

    ATF Automatic Track Finding

    ATF Across the Fence

    ATF ALMA Test Facility (Atacama Large Millimeter Array)

    ATF Albuquerque Teachers Federation

    ATF All Things Fresh (website)

    ATF Australian Temporary Fencing

    ATF Advanced Technology Fractionator (SeQual)

    ATF Articulation Task Force (Arizona State University)

    ATF Automatic Track Following

    ATF All Too Flat

    ATF Aviation Task Force

    ATF Automatic Terrain Following

    ATF Absolute Terror Field

    ATF Asynchronous Transmit FIFO

    ATF Auxiliary Tug, Fleet (Auxiliary Fleet Tug)

    ATF Anti-Tenure Factor

    ATF Across the Flat (geometry)

    ATF Administrative Task Force

    ATF Acceptance Test Facility

    ATF Area to Free (Cisco)

    ATF Astrometric Telescope Facility

    ATF Allied Tactical Force

    ATF Advanced Targeting FLIR (US DoD)

    ATF Aerodrome Traffic Frequencies

    ATF Animation Trace File

    ATF Aircraft Torque Factor

    ATF Automatic Test Facility

    ATF Area-Time-Integral

    ATF Adaptive Tracking Filter

    ATF Autonomous Thruster Facilities

    ATF Automatic Tracking Feature

    ATF Air to Torpedo Fire Control

    ATF Audit Transfer Files

    ATF Automatic Target Follow

    ATF Automated Target Folder

    ATF Average Transaction Frequency (credit)

    ATF Automatic Test Format

    ATF AUTOVON Test Facility

    ATF Alternate Treatment Facility

    ATF Aquatics Training Facility (US Army)

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  • fallin
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    4 years ago

    Atf Stands For

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ate The Frogs

    Aren't They Foolish?

    Aim The Fist

    Aim The Foot

    Ate The Fungus

    Aren't They Funny?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Alchohol tobacco and firearms

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    the guy above me has no life.


    Al the f@gg3t

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