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What grade would you give David Estrada for him performance Saturday?

He won by TKO in the 8th vs. Orlando Lora (undefeated prospect)...What grade? Why?

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    He deserves an A+, Lora was undefeated yet untested and Estrada showed him what it's like to fight in the big leagues. I've seen Estrada fight many times and that was by far his best performance- he didn't lose a single round and he did everything that you could ask a fighter to do in that fight: he defended well, he counter punched, he jabbed well and he landed some great power punches.

    Estrada has always fallen just short of being an elite fighter but I think the performance over Lora proves that he's definitely a worthy contender deserving of at least 1 more big shot (either for a title or against a top contender). If nothing else, Estrada showed that he is the welterweight division's chief gatekeeper and he will certainly separate the worthy contenders from the pretenders and I think he proved that Lora is not a legitimate contender.

    With all of that being said, Estrada looked great because Lora was simply not a good fighter and he was the type of fighter that was there to be hit all night long, which in turn, made Estrada look great. But that's not Estrada's fault- all Estrada did was do what he was supposed to do by shelling out a beating to a fighter that was there to take one and you can't fault him just because his opponent didn't perform well.

    Given the opponent and his record, Estrada gave a near-perfect performance that was well-deserving of an A grade and I think that he proved that he's more than worthy of getting at least 1 more big fight against a top opponent.

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    Orlando Lora probably got hit with more overhand rights than a Everlast Heavy bag, and i would have thought after about three rounds someone who was undefeated in 20 some odd fights would have adjustments.

    David Estrada is a local fighter from my hometown of Chicago and I've seen him enough to know this fight still gives him some leverage as a "gatekeeper". I don't think he'll ever beat a top contender but he can always be competitive on the ballroom circuit.

    Knowing Estrada and his capabilities I think he deserves an A because that was the best David Estrada. Sometimes fans have to realize that the best Estrada isn't going to look like the best Ricky Hatton but as long as he preformed to his potential then that's all that matters.

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    i would give him an A definitely.. he was a god prospect back in the day and his losses came from elite fighters... idk what happened to him but he is a great boxer-puncher.. he wont be an elite again but he is for sure a force to be reckoned with

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