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If you majored in Environmental engineering...?

What would you put on your resume since environmental is under the civil engineering branch. Would you put Environmental, or Civil Engineer? Or both?

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    You'd put whatever your actual degree is in. Environmental isn't necessarily under Civil, although the two are closely related. I find that more Bioengineers and Chemical engineers go into environmental engineering, especially the hazardous materials portion of it. It's actually its own thing now; just this year, my school started a Bachelor of Science Environmental Engineering program.

    So if it says "Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering" on your degree, put that. Otherwise, it'd appear you'd be lying on your resume. If you are applying to a company that does structural stuff, you can only put that you've had experience in so and so with structural engineering in a cover letter. The biggest mistake you can do is to lie and say you're proficient in something and not be.

    If you worked for a civil engineering firm (for example), make that explicitly clear somewhere in your resume - i.e., "proficient in so and so" (whatever you did within that company).

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    Double majoring usually does not help out at all, i recommend a mathematical biology pathway (limited math, mostly biology). You cannot go into an environmental program later in life without a lot of biology/environmental courses, and you will not have enough time to take all the courses required for both majors. They are pretty different, i.e. math is math, and environmental engineering is about as far from math as you could get in an engineering discipline. Having a math degree will still give you a lot of versatility, but any engineering degree would give you more in the world of engineering fields. That is to say, it is easier to transfer in grad school to a different engineering discipline, than it is to transfer in from a math discipline (you will need to take many courses to catch up).

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    There are two types of environmental engineers.

    A chemical environmental engineer and a civil environmental engineer

    Which type did you study...u should know this.

    If your degree says civil engineering put that but under it put concentration :environmental engneering

    In your cover letter you can explain your interest in more detail.

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    Depends on where you are applying. I would put enviro, if I was applying for an environmental job, but civil for a water quality/ water resources job. But if unclear of what the company is looking for I would put the area you have the most expertise in so sounds like enviro...

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