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How come smear tests in the UK are only offered to women over 25?

and yet in other countries you can attend smear tests as soon as you are sexually active? Why is this?

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    Because the UK has a strictly controlled NHS, government-run health care. Like we've been TRYING to tell the idiots in our government here in America, as well as the idiots who continue to support them and demand government run health in the USA, the end result will most definitely include rationing.

    Not allowing a smear for any reason until age 25 is a policy that was debated and decided by bureaucrats and maybe some bureaucrat former doctors. It's a plan designed to limit the government's healthcare dollar (pound sterling) liability, and its other name is rationing.

    John Jones, MD

    Source(s): practicing gynecologist and hater of all things socialist. :)
  • Ashley
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    Doesn't the UK have nationalized health care? If so, that could be the reason. If you are willing to pay for a pap smear, you should be able to have it as early as you want it.

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    I honestly don't know why. They need to offer it at least starting at the age of 18. I'm truly thankful to be living in USA. If you or anyone you know is wanting to have one done then hopefully you can at least ask for it and get it.

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