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what is the sentence for abh?

what is the sentence for first time offence abh? a bottle was involved but no serious damage was done.

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    It depends. In UK, ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) is an offense for which a prison sentence is also possible, but less likely to be given. Common Assault rarely involves a prison sentence, but is still considered an offense of violence, and so a criminal conviction for it is to be avoided if possible.

    According to UK's Criminal Law Section 47 Assault - Actual Bodily Harm (ABH)

    This is assault resulting in harm such as scratches, bruises etc. The only intention required is to want to assault the victim, which means to exert unlawful force. So, for example, if a defendant has attempted to throw beer on another person, but the glass slips and hits the person, then even though there has been no intention to commit ABH, because the intention to throw beer on the victim is enough to make out the offense.

    The maximum sentence for ABH is 5 years, and this offense can be dealt with in the Magistrates Court. In reality, defendants will rarely receive sentences anywhere near 5 years for this offense unless the attack, and defendants with no previous convictions will often not receive prison sentences.

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