What exactly is a mise-en-scene?

I know it's everything in the frame (costumes, lighting etc) and separate to camera position etc, but doesn't that mean every scene of every movie is a mise-en-scene? Or are there more defining characteristics?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Mise en scene is the overall feel of the movie.

    its a combination of lighting, camera work, acting, setting, and a bunch of stuff.

    its when you look at a random scene from a movie and by just the feel and look of that scene you can tell that it's from a certain movie

    Moulin Rouge is said to have too much mise en scene with it's bright colors and fast editing.

    tim burton uses alot in his movies. when u watch sweeney todd or alice inwonderland, you can just tell that its Burton's style

    the best example i think is "The Mummy Trilogy". The first two movies had an old timey feel to it, almost like you were watching an expedition from the 20s. but the third movie had something missing. it didnt have that same 1920s feel and gritty-ness as the first two. it lost the miseenscene and therefore most of it's appeal.

  • 1 decade ago


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