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I want to download the latest movies from the net and put them onto CD so I can watch them on my DVD player?

I don't mind paying for this service...BUT...I only want the latest movies and it has to be really easy to do as I'm pretty computer illiterate. Ive seen some on the internet but don't know what kind of movies they have...Has anyone already done the leg work for this and found a really good ( and reasonably priced) site

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    this may be difficult because i dont know how computer illiterate you are, but if you read through this it SHOULD be marginally easy, it just requires a bit of downloading, if not read carefully and try to teach yourself something about computers, this method can be done in 30 minutes depending on your haste with computers and your internet speed, and when you download a movie, SCAN FOR VIRUSES, the internet is a place for complete idiots at times and the anoying thing is that they are smart idiots and will mess p your computer

    ok, for free, download bittorent and install it, download a torrent of a movie (this is a small file that allows you to download a movie, a good way to find torrents is to go to, if bittorent doesn't automatically recognize the torrent file find your torrent and double click on it, then it should come up with a window saying skip hash check and a bunch of other stuff, in that screen go to the [...] button and select where you want the movie to download to, when that is finished here are two things you can do to put the movie on a disc,

    if it is an img/iso file, download imgburn, install and burn the movie to a DVD (cds wont work) by clicking on the icon at the top left that says write image file to disc. after that click on the folder with a magnifying glass on it and find the img/iso of your movie. click write to disc and it will write the movie to the DVD in your computer,

    if it is an avi/wmv/mp4/ yada yada yada, then you will need to find a program on the internet that will burn those files to a disc, just search {enter file type name here (wmv / avi / mp4)} VIDEO BURNER FREE DOWNLOAD and search the internet until you find one that works.

    i trust that by doing this you will learn how to download movies with ease, and even put them on a dvd to play on dvd player. try it and i hope it works for you.

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    I don't like to download movies, but I like to watch them online. Anyway, I'll let you know a website where you can find some useful information about watching and downloading movies online for free.

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    You cannot download them. They are in Flash format. It's extremely difficult and would take forever.

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    You can easily download latest movies from this link..then put them onto cd....

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    You can download Imgburn here

    It's a really nice software.

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    have you tried ?

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