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I'm convinced, are you?

I'm now sure we need a change.

Should we switch from Socialism to Republic?

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    this whole failed liberal experiment that has been going on for the past 45 years has been a disaster, its has caused untold suffering and created a generation with a large number of glib, ignorant, weak minded, emotionally driven fools who have never ending greed for other peoples money and success

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    My brother Dave, a political activist at the age of 67, bandies about the word "republic" like it's a brand new toy, but the truth of the matter is that the United States is a democratic (representative) republic, wherein those in our government are chosen by the people (by us), with the exception of our judicial branch where some judges are appointed by the executive branch.

    There are still 1300 for-profit greed-driven insurance companies in this nation, which is and has might near always been a yin-yang balance of capitalism and socialism. There are still thousands of well-paid lobbyists on Capital Hill pushing hard for their corporate interests over the will or needs of the American people (capitalist system). Any for-profit businesses (including banks) that exist in your town, your state, or this nation are a reflection of the capitalism that remains prevalent (and under the GOP largely UNREGULATED, with few or NO consumer protections in place).

    Balance this widespread evidence of capitalism alive and well and providing ample financing to the GOP with the so-called "socialism" to which you refer. Which of the following would you like to eliminate in your "switch": Our military, the U.S. Post Office (where a stamp still costs only one-third of a dollar), the public schools and colleges, highways, bridges or tunnels, national parks, mass transit or public transportation, our police or fire departments, the VA medical system, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public libraries...? Each of these is an example of socialism in the United States. Or perhaps your focus would be on the following socialist programs: OSHA (occupational safety rules that protect workers), FDA (food and drug safety standards), minimum wage provisions, unemployment insurance, equal pay for equal work, Civil Rights, workers' rights, voting rights for persons of color or women, child labor laws, whistleblower protection, EEOC (equal employment opportunities), or any of the many other consumer-protecting programs that came into being because of Democrats.

    This nation is now well on her way to recovery and to prosperity for the first time since Bill Clinton was in office. The CHANGE that is needed is in the narrow-minded bigotry and short-sightedness of the right-wing extremists who keep trying to cram their fundamentalism down everyone's throat.

    Source(s): "The Republican Noise Machine: Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy" by ex-conservative right-wing Republican insider David Brock. Available on
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    Yes Republic is the best way to go.

    Source(s): 225 years of history
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    only an idiot would think we live under socialism

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