Any advise? Please, I'm so confused :(?

So I just got out of a serious relationship, We had our own place, a baby, talked about having another baby in a few years, we was looking at rings and everything. And it just feel apart one day, so I moved back home.

I was happy being single, She decided she wanted to go back to guy and had a boyfriend the next day we broke up, after crying to me that she missed me and everything. But After a week of being home I meet someone I was attracted to, We started dating 3 or so days later. Shes 16, I'm 18 about to be 19, and have always dated older girls, I feel more comfortable around them.

Anyway so I started hanging out pretty much every night with this one girl, that I've liked for years just never told her till tonight because she asked something. But more and more I realize how much I still like her.

My problem is, I like them both, but Ive liked the other girl for a long time. And we was talking about if I wanted to kiss her. And I do, I like missing my gf but our kisses are just friendly. And if I was in a situation or w/e with the other girl, I dont know if I could stop myself or stop her if we kissed, ...I dont know if Id even want to. I know it would be wrong because I have a gf, but idk.


*I like kissing, not missing

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  • 10 years ago
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    ahhh you like katherine moening too love her thought id just say that.. i dunno know what to tell you stay with the person who you know you cant live without.. sorry wasnt much help ):

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  • wait im so confused!!!! lol so u guys broke up and got back together? bt now wanna kiss another girl? hmmm sweetheart if u have a gf then dnt go down that road it wnt end well

    Source(s): *hugs* miss you
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  • 10 years ago

    i just clicked your question cause katherine moennig is so hot..sorry

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