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Madden 11 player ratings (predictions)?

here's how i think it should go. (top 3 players at each position)


1. Peyton Manning - 99 (coming off 4th MVP season)

2. Drew Brees - 99 (Super Bowl 44 MVP, has been OUTSTANDING the past 2 years)

T - 3. Brett Favre 96 (if he chooses to not retire. 2nd best QB rating last season, 33 TDs and ONLY 7 INTs! last season was in my mind the best season of Favre's carrer) 3. Tom Brady - 96


1. Chris Johnson - 99 (2,006 rushing yards. thats unbeleivable. some people think he might have the first ever back to back 2,000 yard seasons, to me, that sounds damn near impossible...what defensive cordinator isnt game planning for this guy the entire offseason?)

2. Adrian Peterson - 98 (led the league in rushing TDs with 18. but..he also led the league in fumbles with 6. stop putting the ball on the turf AP!!!!)

3. Maurice Jones-Drew - 96 (2nd in the league in rushing TDs. guy is just a beast and is only 5'7, but he's a SOLID 208 pounds. IMO the strongest pound for pound running back in the NFL)

TE (i play Tight end, this one was pretty easy for me but there are so many great TEs out there i couldnt name....."Tony Gonzales - 97" "Vernon Davis -97"

1. Antonio Gates - 98 (he's one of the best TEs ever. this season he is taking over for Tony Gonzales (the BEST TE of all time) as the best tight end in the league.

2. Dallas Clark - 97 (some say his stats are only through the roof because he is peytons go to guy. but Clark is deffinetly a top 3 TE in the league, even getting alot better as a blocker)

3. Jason Witten - 97 ( great TE, phenonminal receiver, good blocker, can line up anywhere. Witten is any QBs dream TE)


1. LaRon Mclain - 98 (best fullback in the league, can do everything from the fullback position)

2. Tony Richardson - 97

3. Leonard Weaver - 93


1. Andre Johnson - 99 (Andre and Fitz are almost a mirror image of each other, but andre has way more speed)

2. Larry Fitzgerald - 98 (goes up and gets everything, as does Andre Johnson)

3. Reggie Wayne - 97 (all around great wideout)


1. Ryan Clady - 99 (best LT in the league)

2. Joe Thomas - 98 (prototype left tackle)

3. Steve Hunchinson - 98 (best guard and run blocker in the game)


1. Jared Allen - 99 (led the league in sacks with 14.5)

2. Dwight Freeney - 98 (was a beast in the super bowl, dispite his hurt ankle)

3. Trent cole - 96 (phenominal season, 12.5 sacks)


1. Kevin williams - 97

2. Jay Ratliff - 96

3. Kyle Williams - 94 (great run stoper. led all defensive lineman with 66 tackles)


1. Patrick willis - 99

2. Ray Lewis - 97

3. London Fletcher - 96


1. DeMarcus Ware - 99

2. Elvis Dumerville - 97

3. James Harrison - 97


1. Darelle Reevis - 99(no brainer)

2. Charles Woodson - 97 (league tying 9 ints)

3. Asante Samuel - 97 (league tying 9 ints)


1. Ed Reed - 97 (didnt do much last season, but hey...he's Ed Reed...the best centerfeilder in the game)

2. Darren Sharper - 96

3. Jarius Byrd - 94


1.Troy Polamalu - 98

2. Adrian Wilson - 96

3. Brandon Merriweather - 94

thats how i look at it. let me know what u think

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    I think your ratings are a little to high for the new Madden ratings system. 90 and above is really reserved for the truely elite guys, with good starters coming in the 80's, average to slightly above average players in the 70's, etc.

    Having said that, Favre is rated way to high. At this point in his career he's a step below the elite QB's in the league and he's been inconsistant his entire career. I see him being rated in the high 80's to low 90's. No way he's above 95.

    I dont think there will be a FB that cracks the 95 or above mark. I am not even sure McClain would rank in the low 90's. He's a good FB, he's not an elite player.

    Same thing for OL. I think Hutchinson is probably the only one of the guys you listed that has truely cracked elite status. Thomas is probably on the fringe of very good and elite but he's not elite yet. Clady while very good still has a long way to go and he's not elite yet either.

    I dont really feel like going through the whole list because its the same story for every position. 95's and above are reserved for those guys that have consistantly performed at an elite level and will continue to do so in the forseeable future. Alot of the guys that you listed dont fit that. When thinking in terms of elite talent, try to think of which players other teams around the league would trade the farm for. Peyton Manning, absolutly. Most teams in the NFL would be very willing to mortgage the future to get him. Favre not so much. Jared Allen or someone with a healthy Ed Reed's skills, probably. Jarius Byrd, this early in his career, or Ray Lewis and London Flethcer, not so much.

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    Brady should be maybe a 94

    Chris Johnson should be maybe a 93 but def a 99 in speed

    AP-should drop his rating maybe 94-95

    every thing else i agree with

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    typically not drastically, but perhaps a little. ea sports tends to do roster updates every now and then which may also include ratings tweaks, but they're not usually noticeably different.

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    I like all your choices except OLB and FS...they are strong players but the vikings had some good defense last year and the OL should be all viking/saints.

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    Missing out on NICK MANGOLD and ALAN FANECA!

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    haha your a nerd, you spent probably like weeks making those predictions and theyr probably all wrong

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    i think they won't be so free-giving of the 90+ ratings this year.

    Source(s): hardcore Madden player for years
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