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if you live in California and took a vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada and bought a coffee mug for a souvenir?

Do you have to report this on your taxes?

How about if you bought a coffee mug online that was bought in a store in Las Vegas?

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    No, you don't have to report it.

    If you live in California and make an on-line purchase from Amazon or similar places that don't charge sales tax, tax law says you are supposed to report this and pay the sales/use tax on your Form 540. It is unlikely you would be caught.

    I sent in about $40 for out-of-state on-line purchases made in 2009. It's really a matter of fairness. Why should out-of-state businesses get away without paying for state needs while local businesses that give jobs to Californians end up charging sales tax to local customers?

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    California would want you to report the difference between Nevada sales tax and California sales tax on your state tax return. That might amount to as much as a nickel. For a coffee mug, it would probably prefer you forget it. If you bought a big ticket item in Oregon where there is no sales tax, they would be more aggressive if they found out.

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