gay problem as an exchange student?

im going as an exchange student and im gay...(but no one knows im gay here where i live)should i have an affair with a guy?????without telling evrybody im gay or should i come out here...

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    1 decade ago
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    have fun and come out only if your ready.

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    Going abroad is a very cool experience. That being said, I'd wait to make the decision to come out or not until after you get to where ever you are going. Find out what your host family is like first. Remember you have to live with that host family for as long as you are abroad, so you might want to get a feel for them first. I think it's a chance to live more openly than you would at home. It might be nice opportunity to live openly and give yourself courage to do so at home. Also, make sure you make contact with other gay/lesbian kids at school. You'll want their support too, especially because living abroad can be pretty challenging even when you think you are straight (as was my case with serious self-denial.)

  • 4 years ago

    I even have spoken to numerous host families and that they have got issues like those you describe. in fact between the daddy contained in the domicile grew to become into accused of sexual harassment against between the scholars and that they have got been fired as a number of family participants after 2 a protracted time. a lot of their old scholars write to them each 12 months and have been happy with their 12 months in Denmark, so i think which you as host family participants each now and then adventure a pupil they do no longer function with. i might recommend which you settle for the implications based on your selection to be a number of family participants. no count number if it rather is sometime your mom and dad have comes to a decision and the money is significant for the family participants circulate out until eventually he's long previous.

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    1 decade ago

    Come out if you want to. If you get into a relationship with a guy, you might not want to leave. Anyway, where are you living? Is it in a homophobic country like Iran? If so, you shouldn't come out for your safety. They would literally kill you there.

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  • uhoh
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    1 decade ago

    you should come out to whomever you're comfortable with (friends, family) or even your new boyfriend. Nobody has to know about your sexuality, that's your business. You don't have to "announce" it to people, you can just bring it up casually or admit it like no big deal if they ask or something.

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