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Unclaimed Property: What happens to my stock?

I recently found out that I have stock in AEP. I called the treasury and I have a check coming to me for how much its all worth.

My question is, what happens to that stock? Do I still have stock in this company and will I receive any more dividends?

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    If you are receiving a check for all that it is worth, that means that you sold the stock. At this point you will not earn any more dividends or growth from this stock because you will no longer own it. If you do not need the money right now, consider buying back in again, or buying another investment. Over the long term it pays to invest.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    If AEP are trading, then yes you will be entitled to the annual dividends and the shares. This is of course as long as the shares are in your name, however it can depend on how you gained the stock shares.

    As if you received it as a company bonus after ex period of time, it may be titled into the contract you must remain within the company for ex number of years.

    Also you can have locked shares which you are unable to cash, etc...

    Without more information a correct answer is impossible!


    I might of misread that... If you sold your shares, then of course you won't get dividends as you are effectively withdrawing your investment and no longer have any connection with AEP as a shareholder and have no stake.

    Source(s): -Btec Nat Business Course
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It seems to me you have sold the stock. It looks like the last dividend date was late January, so you will receive no more dividends. You will get the sale proceeds from the stock. I don't know what you mean by "treasury" however.

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