What kind of services do accounting firms provide?

I'm an accounting major, and just took my first class. I'm thinking when I graduate, I'll open a firm and be self-employed, but I have to think of what services to provide. Obviously, accountants are known for providing tax services. They also create balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and statements of stockholder equity.

I'm curious what OTHER services would an accounting firm expect to provide?

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    A big 4 accounting firm provides the following services. If you're a one-man operation, just pick those you're good at (don't forget to do your own risk management):

    Audit and assurance

    * Actuarial insurance services

    * Assistance on capital market transactions

    * Corporate reporting improvement

    * Financial accounting

    * Financial statement audit

    * Sustainability reporting

    * IFRS reporting

    * Independent controls & systems process assurance

    * Internal audit

    * Regulatory compliance and reporting

    * Sarbanes-Oxley compliance


    * Strategy

    * Finance

    * Technology

    * Governance, risk and compliance

    * Operations

    * People & change

    * Revenue growth

    * Shared services and outsourcing

    * Sustainability

    * Delivering deal value

    * Investigations


    * Business recovery services

    * Corporate finance

    * Delivering deal value

    o Post deal services

    o Structuring services

    * Financial due diligence

    * Strategy

    * Valuations and economics

    o Valuation consulting

    o Tax valuations

    o Economics

    o Independent expert opinions

    o Accounting valuations

    o Modelling and business planning

    o Post deal services

    o Structuring services

    Human resources

    * International assignments

    * Reward

    * HR management

    Legal services

    * Asset management

    * Corporate and commercial

    * Corporate secretarial

    * Dispute resolution

    * Employment

    * Financial services

    * Immigration

    * Public law

    * Real estate


    * Global compliance services

    * Indirect taxes

    * International tax services

    * Mergers & acquisitions

    * Sustainability & climate change tax

    * Tax accounting services

    * Tax function effectiveness

    * Transfer pricing

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    Most public accounting firms bill their clients based on hourly rates. Those rates are set for members of their firm based on experience level. However, instead of "outsourced part-time" help, most small to mid-sized local CPA firms, and many regional CPA firms have special departments to fit needs such as yours. They are often referred to as "Small Business Services" or "Bookkeeping Services". These are normally set on a fixed-fee based on the specific services you need, and instead of paying part-time help 20 hours per week, they may have specialized software and knowledge that can reduce the fixed fee to a much more manageable number. Each state has a society or organization for CPAs and CPA firms. They can likely provide directories of firms that provide such services.

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    Auditing of course. They check the financial statements of companies to make sure the figures are correct.

    They may also provide consulting or legal advice (on corporate law or accounting methods).

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    Hmmm, I can't think of any. Budgetting and financial planning would be useful, but would you pay an accounting firm to do that?

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    What Is A Cpa Firm

  • Anonymous
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    Putting together financial statements

    Tax returns and advice

    Auditing of clients financials, usually publicly traded companies

    Management consulting

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