What are key classes required for West Point Military Academy?

I'm looking to set up my schedule for next year (Ill be a junior) and need some insight to what classes I should take. Im open for any doubling up if I have too as well as already plan on taking physics which I've been told is one suggested class. Get back to me, and promise to award best answer.

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    From West Point Admissions FAQ: What courses should I take?

    1) Four years of English with a strong emphasis on composition, grammar, literature and speech.

    2) Four years of college preparatory mathematics, to include algebra, geometry, intermediate algebra, and trigonometry as a minimum.

    3) Two years of a laboratory science such as chemistry and physics.

    4) Two years of a foreign language.

    5) One year of U.S. history

    6) Courses in geography, government and economics.

    7) If your school includes a course in precalculus and calculus in its curriculum, and a basic computing course, these courses will be helpful in preparing you for your first year at West Point.


    From Page 15, Chapter 3, 2009-2010 West Point Catalog:

    Recommended areas of preparation are: four years of English, with strong emphasis on composition, grammar, literature, and speech; four years of math – algebra, plane geometry, intermediate algebra, trigonometry; at least two years of a foreign language; four years of science, including two years of laboratory science such as chemistry and physics; and one year of U.S. history. Additionally, you will find courses in geography, government, and economics to be very helpful. If your school includes a course in pre-calculus and calculus in its curriculum, and a basic computer course, those courses will be extremely helpful during your first year at West Point. College courses taken prior to entrance to West Point may be substituted for similar courses in the academy curriculum (see “Validation” in Chapter 4).


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    I had no quandary discovering this know-how at the USMA at West Point webvsite. For starters: The present enrollment is round four,000 (the special quantity may also be observed at the "house" web page. The pupil/college ratio is roughly a million/14 to a million/18 (a million professor according to 14 to 18 scholars) The admissions necessities will also be observed on the website online Undergraduate expenditures don't seem to be relevant, considering that the military will pay all university/charges and so on. plus offers every cadet an allowance of round $6,000. Go to their internet site for the techniques furnished: West Point graduates obtain a Bachelor of Science measure upon finishing their techniques The athletics, membership extracurricular movements are a few of the best furnished within the US (see the internet web page underneath) There are not any variations among in/out expenditures, as, as soon as once more, the military price range the complete four years. No scholars are living off campus.

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