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i think i may have had a spider bite on the bottoom of my foot. I went to work and when I got home my foot wa?

i think i may have had a spider bite on the bottom of my foot. I went to work and when I got home my foot was killing me and my sock was wet right around that area but my shoe was not. Now it looks as though I have two holes in my foot and it is swelled up and still hurts. It is also red around the area. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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    Spider Bite Symptoms

    Determining whether a victim has been bitten by a spider may be impossible. Studies of brown recluse spiders have shown that victims seek treatment more than three days after their bites, making it nearly impossible to identify the culprit. Black widow bites are often identified only by symptoms of its venom, without any visible local bite.

    For an idea how spider bites may look, check out the spider bite picture gallery.

    Local reactions to bites from all manner of toxic bugs look the same:





    Victims should be concerned when a local reaction continues to get worse for more than 24 hours. Look for redness spreading away from the bite, drainage from the bite, increase in pain, numbness/tingling, or a discolaration around the bite that looks like a halo or bullseye.

    Victims should also call a doctor if they are not up to date on their tetanus vaccinations.

    Anaphylaxis is always the biggest concern with any type of bug bite. If the victim exhibits any signs of allergic reaction or anaphylaxis shortly after a bug bite, call 911.


    shortness of breath



    Victims should seek medical treatment if symptoms appear in parts of the body away from the location of the bite. Black widow spiders have a toxin that affects muscle contraction and nerve function. Severe brown recluse spider bites can also cause some symptoms over the entire body (systemic reaction). Look for:




    body aches

    stomach cramps

    leg cramps

    rapid pulse


    In cases where the victim is feeling extremely tired or weak, call 911.

    First Aid for Spider Bites

    Perform first aid for common bug bites if a wound is found. There is no specific first aid for spider bites. Systemic reactions to black widow or brown recluse bites have to be treated by medical staff, often in the emergency department.

    Victims should call a doctor or go to the emergency department if symptoms persist more than 24 hours or get worse.

    There are many home remedies offered for the treatment of insect and spider bites. Most of these have not been shown to provide any real benefit. Meat tenderizer (papain) has even been implicated in allergies and asthma reactions to its protein. Suction syringes designed to extract toxins do not work and are a complete waste of money.

    Source(s): About.com:first aid
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    This is probably a bit late. Where the bit is and if you can apply a pressure bandage and rap it around to keep you flesh reasonable tight and try not to move your arm and then seek medical help. Maybe some panadole but not aspirin as the latter will thin your blood. You could also try an ice pack if that will help sooth the pain as well. If you move your arm too much you only spreed the venom inside your body. I wish you well Carol.

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    sounds like something a doctor should check out immediately. It could be a spider bite and if you are a little bit allergic to it it can get worse. get it checked ASAP!

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    Why are all the answers so short these days?

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