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Last Resort asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

my parents want to show and herd their corgi...but?

to put it mildly she has temperament and behavior issues that at this point are not fully my parents fault as they began taking action last month (she would only listen to them and they expected me to train her when she saw me as a threat to her station as leader, she would often attack me and my dog) she now no longer does that....but still has very...disturbing issues.

when we come home and the other dogs come to greet us quietly she will begin by spinning around and biting my mothers other two dogs in the face then throw them to the ground with her weight and every time someone tries to greet the other dogs they are attacked (the dogs that is).

she steals their toys, their food, anything on the the floor or in the basket is hers and thats that.

the other day i shut the dog door so oliver could chew his boar bone in peace and i went to feed the birds.... all the sudden i hear them fighting or rather her fighting...ever seen an akita cower? this is the first time shes done this since my parents took some incentive

she took the bone and trotted back into the house wagging her tail.

im not sure how to put that uppity dog in its place .

now they want to show this dog...a naturally greedy and aggressive animal. in a room full of other dogs she has gone ballistic on trainers and other dogs in training classes she will whine and bark and howl and yip and attack other dogs she doesnt care about anything else but taking them down.

we socialized her in dog classes and parks ect but she is just this way. she has bit me in the face before and i had to pry her off so forgive me if i dont trust the dog enough to not rip a show dog a new one.

she was taken to handling classes but was promptly kicked out for bad behaviour.

herding sheep....our neighbor tried to ahve her herd her sheep saying she would be a natural ...told her it wouldnt work... Mel circled the herd 3 times and managed to get 4 of the 6 in a pen however....when she decided they looked like they were trying to get OUT of the pen even though the gate was locked she went into the pen and maimed the ram....and a lamb before they could catch her (i wasnt their to tell them they were stupid i wish i had been)

what can i do to convince them its not safe or sane to have that dog out in a show or herding event?


mrn: i have trained my parents dogs and my own and NEVER had these issues. this dog gets a daily 2 hour walk. and as i said we trained her from day one after we saw my way wasnt working we went to trainers, instructors ect...and were kicked out of them all for bad behaviour

Update 2:

Bri: i crate train, i do not hit dogs i trained her at first but once we saw she wasnt doing as told we went to trainers. with no sucess because my parents werent their (she doesnt listen unless they are their and even then the agression exists)

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    My question, I suppose, would be where did they get the idea that she is going to be show quality, since temperament is an issue with show dogs? I know you are doing your best to tell them. I was just wondering where they go the idea to begin with.

    I have a Corgi, and I know these little boogers can have a nasty little temper at times. Mine came from a really bad situation to begin with and it has taken a lot of work to get him trained. As you said, training is not going to work with the dog unless your parents enforce it at home. Corgis can be wonderful little dogs, but they do take a lot of work. They are not naturally shy dogs from what I have seen of them. I still will not allow mine to be around small children as I am not willing to take that kind of chance, even though he does well at listening to me now. It only takes one lapse in judgment or one mistake and it is too late for regrets. And I think that is what I would tell your parents.

    It is obvious you see the truth with the dog and they are blinded by the love they have for her. She is their pet and that is what they should accept. (And from what you have said, continues to need more training to be pet quality.)

    Obviously, since this dog has already bitten you in the face once you are not going to want to even attempt to train the dog and I would just point blank say NO WAY on that one. If they insist on going through with it, they would have to get someone else to assist.

    I know how you must feel because I got mad as heck reading about her taking Oliver's bone. And I have no vested interest here. But it always irritates me to see a dog act that way. And I see that behavior more and more with both children and dogs. Why do people always think it is so cute when their dog (or their child for that matter) acts like a darn bully? Oliver is obviously well-trained or he may have taken the little bully's face off.

    I do know the type though because as I said: Benji was very much like this in the early days. He still thinks he is ten feet tall and bullet proof, but at least he is listening now and the only time I have seen him get aggressive in the last year is when the neighbor's dogs try and invade and are looking for a fight (and they are always looking for a fight!)

    But even that bothers me and is a huge NO NO because I am fully aware that if it came down to it, the neighbor's dogs would have no trouble killing Benji with his ten feet tall self.

    As for your parents dog: Maybe you should try telling them if the dog is there among all those other dogs and gets aggressive, they could be facing more problems than her just being kicked out of the show ring. I would mention the fact that she might do serious damage to one of the other dogs, or might bite a person. Thee are certain expectations people have when they take their dogs to show and and one of those expectations is that their dogs will not be mauled by another animal and they will not be bitten.

    If common sense does not win them over, maybe the thought of a law suit will.

    Source(s): Edit: I have to add here, knowing what we have gone through with Benji, (and actually talking with a professional Corgi trainer and handler in attempting to help him because of the terrible abuse he had suffered) please do not think this dog's behavior has any reflection on your own abilities. First, as you said, training always has to be reinforced at home. Sounds like your parents are looking for a miracle worker and it has taken a miracle to get them to even participate in the training process. I am not sure I would have any patience for working with this dog if she bit me in the face. And I do not believe it is a reflection on you or your skills since your own dog seems to be very well behaved when he allowed the little bully to take his bone. You and I both know he could have stopped her decisively. Instead, he responded to what he has been taught.
  • 1 decade ago

    Just give tell your parents that the moment she shows aggression in ANY AKC event towards the judge, the other dogs, or, in the case of herding, the animals, she is automatically disqualified from ever competing again FOR LIFE!!

    Secondly, corgi's were bred for cattle herding, hence their size, but if they want to try herding trials, they need to get in touch with some one who knows what they are doing , and can evaluate your parents dog. Maybe they will listen to a professional. It sounds like she is very dog dominant, and has had no significant training up to now. She is getting to be dangerous from what you say, so either they get professional help now, or pay the vet bills later, then they get to watch their home insurance rates rise, due to a dangerous dog, if they can even get insurance after a dog bite on a person.........

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your parents seemed to have babied her and she thinks she miss thing and can do what she pleases. You guys need to re-train her. She needs firm obedience training. It can be done but she can't be babied anymore. Otherwise she will think she's the alpha and I can tell she already has asserted her dominance. YOU can not be afraid of her and should train her this bonds dogs with people. NEVER hit her this only causes fear and a fearful dog is not a trustworthy dog. Since she has bitten you and the other dogs before you know she will again especially with fear in her. She should be crated when you guys aren't home so she can't roam freely because this instills that you guys have power over her.

    And the judges at shows wouldn't have it with her. Dogs have to be graceful and not even notice other dogs, she wouldn't be a good dog for either of those positions.

  • 5 years ago

    Do you have a relative to stay with for a while when these things happen? From my observation, i think your mom has either an anger problem, had you when she was a teen, or a raging alcoholic because no woman in her right mind would call her daughter a B*Tch. That's not right, she's immature and you Can legally ask for emancipation. I don't know how you can prove to the judge that your mom is abusing you but why not talk to your dad and get more witnesses. Until then, stay the heck away from "mommy".

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She is a long way from being able to go to a herding event. With a knowledgable trainer she could be able to be trained not to molest the sheep.

    My friends GSD's started out initially too "grippy" on the sheep and they were trained out of it (all four of them). Her one dog is now doing C course work.

    Any animal that is aggressive towards livestock in a competition is immediately eliminated from competition. If your parents are the ones doing the handling at livestock events, then they will soon tire of the expense of entering a dog who is unable to compete.

    Although with the dogs temperament they should try her on Cattle.

    As for showing her in the breed ring, aggressive behavior towards other dogs or the judge will not be tolerated. If the dog bites at the dog it can be banned from dog shows for life.

    I think this is something you are not going to be able to influence being the child. (Not sure if you are an adult child or not) I think its something your folks are going to have to figure out on their own.

    Source(s): Herding competitor Breed ring competitor
  • Maxi
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    You need to purchase a well fitting muzzle for her, not because she is bad, because it is a good training tool if used correctly and will stop her getting her own way by reacting to what she is trying to control and by doing so causing damage. is a good home training method, really a way of life.

    ...........and once accepting of her muzzle then the training she needs to do, class situations and work at shows may just help relieve some of her energy and stress into something more productive than she is doing now

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If she's so poorly behaved she won't be allowed in a show or herding competition anyway. They should consider hiring a private instructor to help them with the dog's behavior issues. It's not safe to take her anywhere if she's biting people and attacking other dogs.

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    I had a chocolate labrador that literally wouldn't shut up. Since I found

    She was 4 years old, we had our son and her barking was keeping him up at night. So my grandfather told me take a soda can put some change in it and tape the lid shut (I used duct-tape). Every time she barked I would shake the can and say quiet in a stearn voice. The sound startled her into stop barking then she heard my command. It took about a week and she stopped. You must not allow the dog to bark at all though. If you do then they will do it when they are not supposed to ie, when your not home. As far as for when your not home, I think the only none electrical, spray thing I can think of is a soft mussel. They can drink with the soft mussel on and it doesn't hurt them, they just can't bark or bite. From what I understand it is very hard to get a dog to stop barking at an advanced age. You are trying to stop something that is ingrained in them to do. Now a few questions for you, are the dogs being crate trained? If they are crated trying put a light blanket over the crate, to limit the stimuli around them. Do they have access to windows? What is the reason they are barking? Maybe it is something in there surroundings causing them to bark. Maybe people talking, people walking by, animals outside. If this is the case then maybe try limiting there access to this stimuli. Maybe crating them in a secluded area of the house to limit stimuli. Make it so they cannot see out the window any more. If it is seperation anxiety, take an old t-shirt sleep in for a night and then put it in the dogs crate with him. It will smell like you and help the dog feel more at ease. I did this when I went away to the hospital to have our son. It helped Kaylea alot.These are all thing my grandfather suggested to me for my dog. I tried them all but the crate training as I don't really believe in it. Reducing the stimuli greatly reduced her barking. The only thing that stopped it was the "noise can" I called it

  • 1 decade ago

    No chance they are going to be able to show the dog: its been poorly trained. You can tell by its behavior.

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