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Mandarin Chinese songs?

There is a Chinese song contest going on that my teacher asked my class about. I am interested, but I don't know many Chinese songs, and the ones I do know are rather hard for me to sing. Does anyone know of any simpler Mandarin songs? Or songs that are your favorite in Chinese? Thank you!

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    nursery rhyme like 虫儿飞,and count duck,

    pop songs like 不痛,we r ready,love life,唱一半的歌,倒叙的时光,season by bibi chow,Chinese name called 周笔畅

    you can search it on website

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    Yes, u can try to sing Peng You by Wakin Chau as is simpler, as well as many slower songs. You can also sing Chinese Nursery Rhymes also, which is even simpler than singing Chinese songs. One site u can visit for the lyrics is this: For my favorite song is Shi Nian by Eason Chan, is a bit hard for u but u can try if u want to and the lyrics is inside the site i have given u above. For Pengyou, the lyrics is available at the source below.

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    I Wanna Be With You

    Pretty Boy (Mandarin Version)




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    You can sing the national anthem of China

    Source(s): national anthem of China -
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    犯错 by 斯琴高丽

    its one of the most popular songs in guangdong china

    Source(s): living in china right now and hear this song played everywhere in the streets
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