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sex age limits in the united states?

okay, i know you have to be 16 to have sex. but me & this girl were arguing about the age limits, where the older person could get charged with statuetory rape.

she said you just add 3 years. so, a 16 yr old can have sex with anyone between the ages of 16-19. & a 17 yr old-= 17-20, & an 18 yr old can have sex with anyone.

i thought it was 16 or 17 yr old can have sex with anyone between the ages of 16-18. & an 18 yr old can have sex with anyone ages 16+. & a 21 yr old can have sex with anyone 18+

who is right? or are both of us wrong? thank you


age of consent in my state is 16

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    First of all, it varies form states to state.

    Second what you two fail to understand is there is 'illegal' and then there is what the DA (the Distract Attorney) will NOT prosecute.

    For example, in a state where the age of consent is 16, and the 16 year old has intercourse with an 18 year old, it is technically, against the law as the 16 year old is technically not an adult yet, however, that is the age The state has decided they will not prosecute from then or there after.

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    It all depends on what state (our country) you're in. Some states go as low as 15 I think, some say 18 and up only. Some say under 18 is ok if the other person is no more than a few years older. But each state has its own laws on this. Your best bet is to look up the Age of Consent laws for your state.

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    Actually, 18 isn't the age of consent across the USA. In some places it is legal at 16, and at others it is dependent on the age of the potential participants unless both are over 18. So you could be 19 and your bed buddy could be 17 in some states. Also, you can legally marry with parental consent in some parts of the USA younger than even 16 and you can then have the naughty time with your underage spouse even if you're a dirty old geezer. So there ya go - age of consent in the USA is dependent on your parents and which side of an arbitrary dividing line you happen to be standing on.

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    Okay first of all there is no law that says "you have to be sixteen years or older to have sex" the law however does say that if a minor (someone under eighteen) has sex with an adult (anyone eighteen or older) the adult can be charged with statutory rape, weather it was consensual or not. Some states are above that law and go with the principle that if no rape accusations are brought, a person sixteen or older should be old enough to decide weather or not they want to have sex with someone who is considered a legal adult.

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    It's different in every state.

    Like in Indiana a 16 year old can have sex with basically anyone unless of course it's crazy like the 16 year old having sex with like a 12 year old plus that's just completely wrong and gross. but a 16 year old can have sex with a 60 year old if they truly wanted to.

    But if you are under 18 then it's really all up to the parents if it's okay with then to have their 14 year old having sex with a 20 year old.

    but yeah you both are right in some ways but mostly you both are wrong.

    hope this helps some. :)

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    You both have the general idea, but in the US there is a different law for each state. There is a long page in wikipedia.

    In some states, the law is quite complicated. When I look back, I knew quite a few criminals in high school! Many couples were younger girl/older guy, and quite a few were sexually active.

  • u and the girl r kinda both wrong if ur 16 u can have sex with a 17 year old , but not a 18 y.o (years old) because they r considered an adult and the 16 is considered a minor.

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    It totally depends on the state. Not just the minimum age, but whether an age differential matters and what it is.

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    Isnt it 2 years instead of 3?

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    It varies by state - here are the details:

    Ed: The specific details vary by state too - what state are you in?

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