Can I get my overdraft fee waived?

I over drafted my account yesterday by 11 cents, and now must pay a $35 fee. This is the second time that I've been charged a hefty fee for barely over drafting my account (last time it was by 7 cents). I read online somewhere that if I go to the bank and complain, they will most likely waive it. Is there a process that I can go through to have it waived? Has anyone ever complained and had their fee waived? All input is appreciated, thanks!

By the way, my bank is the Bank of Oak Ridge in NC, if that helps any.

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  • Meghan
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    10 years ago
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    Don't complain! You'll only make the bank agent more frustrated. But call customer service and ask if you make a deposit today to put you in the positive will they please waive the overdraft fee? You overdrafted by $0.11. You were charged an unexpected fee from something and pushd your balance below.

    But you will be much more likely to get results if you ask nicely and tell them you have been a loyal customer and there was a mix up in another charge. But remember what your mother said-"You get more bees with honey than vinegar."

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I work at a bank, not that bank, and it all depends on the banks policies. I know we only refund one per 12 months on a persons account. The best way is to call customer service and get someone who is helpful. Some people can't do anything about it and the amount does stink but it has nothing to do with the amount on they're end of it. I know we are not allowed under any circumstances to waive more than the first one. You could always ask and try though. I know we are stopping fees on overdrafts for less than $5.00 in May. I hope you get it refund I know how bad it stinks to get a $35 fee for less than a dollar!! Done it before myself!

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    4 years ago

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    Can I get my overdraft fee waived?

    I over drafted my account yesterday by 11 cents, and now must pay a $35 fee. This is the second time that I've been charged a hefty fee for barely over drafting my account (last time it was by 7 cents). I read online somewhere that if I go to the bank and complain, they will most likely waive...

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  • 10 years ago

    You can always call the customer service line and request respectfully that the fee be waived - especially if you can point to a good customer record. It will also help your case that your overdraft was only $0.11. However, it will be up to the bank to decide, and they may or may not cooperate.

    I've gotten Bank of America to waive a fee in the past. But again, you may or may not have any success.

    Good luck!

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  • 10 years ago

    Absolutely! Especially if you do not have a history with a lot of overdrafts. Banks will frequently allow a waiver perhaps one per year or so. Remember, bank tellers are people. They're not required to help you especially if it's your fault. Be polite, accept ownership for your fault and ask if they can waive the fee.

  • 10 years ago

    I did the sane thing one time by ten cents. It was a mistake in my check book and I went in and asked for their help as I could not find my error and we went trough it line by line until we found the error. I asked then if they would waive the fee and the girl said no. I said are you sure, She said no again. So I took out of my pocket 4 accounts that had money in them and said ok go and get me 4 cashiers check on these accounts and I can take my business up the street as this was the first time I had ever done this. She took the accounts and in just about 1 minute came back with a change of heart and said they would waive the fee.

    True story as she knew I was serious.

  • 10 years ago

    Sometimes if you go into the banking office and tell them what happened you might be able to get it waived one time. But don't go in there yelling about "you gave me a fee for going over 11 cents". Really it is your fault and there is a flat fee no matter what the amount is and you are informed of this when the account is opened. In the future keep track of you account using a register so this doesn't happen again in the future. You think you would of learned after the first time. I know I wouldn't want to spend that much money on something that stupid.

  • 5 years ago

    Absolutely you can get the fee waived and multiple times if you are persistent enough. The 2 slam dunk ways to get any fee reversed is illness or a death in the family. If not, ask to close your account and watch how fast the fee will be reversed.

  • 10 years ago

    You did not learn the first time so let's try to learn how to make this never happen again in your lifetime. Go to the bank and ask to talk to the appropriate person who can address this situation. First give her your story. Ask her what you need to do so that this will never happen again in your lifetime. You may need to pay $3 or $5 more in fees for your account for overdraft protection but if you avoid paying $35 for being $.11 overdrawn it makes sense. The cheapest way is to learn to keep a balance of a hundred or a couple of hundred dollars in your account so that you cover yourself at no extra cost. Then realize how important it is to track and then know how much is in your account at any given moment and never leave yourself short again.

    • Brandon6 years agoReport

      This is how you answer an honest question? Talking down to someone? What a jackoff.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well unfortunatly most banks will give you the "Well its your own dang fault" lecture. Which it is... if you kept better track of your finances this wouldnt of happened. Not lecturing you because TRUST ME ive done this a butt load of times. The last time my check is automatically deposited at 12 pm, which means my funds are there and ready to use.. however its sitting unable to be used all that morning.. but there! but i cant touch it.. well i check went through and i bounced it for $3!! Well my deposit was sitting in the bank, but because i cant touch it until 12, they still consider it bouncing a check! Crap! i know... terrible. So, i called and they were lie sorry, next time keep better record.

    you can try, but how do you think they make their money!! from people like us!!

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