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After reading a story like this, is it time to start "testing" people before they are allowed to own a dog?

I am definitely NOT for more rules and regulations, but after reading this story today, I am seriously thinking people might need to take a test (like for driving a car) before being allowed to own a dog. (Or perhaps take a test before having children in this case!)

It really seems like common sense is not so common anymore.

Read the story below, and tell me, if you think testing dog owners might be something that needs to be done.

Obviously this is a huge parental fail both with the child and the dogs.


Infant Was Attacked by a Pitt bull When He Was Left on the Floor

Friday 04-09-2010 2:51pm PT

A 6-month-old baby had his testicles chewed off by two large dogs while he was left strapped in his baby carrier alone in a California apartment, reported Thursday.

Carrie McKinney, 22, was visiting her boyfriend Doug Ritchey’s apartment and left her son in his car seat on the floor. After leaving the room, Ritchey’s two pit bulls tore through the baby’s diaper and chewed off his scrotum.

Police said the baby was taken to a local hospital and then to Loma Linda University Medical Center for surgery—but they were unsuccessful in trying to save his testicles.

McKinney could face charges of criminal neglect, and has lost custody of her son temporarily to Child Protective Services. Both pit bulls are scheduled to be euthanized.


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Launi- I got suspended for the following

The question was about what to do with a biting teacup yorkie.

I answered that when my teacups misbehave I put them in the dishwasher for a time out and if they are really bad I run the cycle.

Reason for suspension-promoting hate speach and hate groups


Update 2:

the dishwasher comment of course was to be funny, as most everyone knows there is no such thing as a teacup dog.

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  • Jesse
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    And no one heard the baby screaming in pain?

    This is pure ignorance. Which we have an over abundance of in this world. Stupid breeds stupid and stupid should not be allowed to breed.

    Having people *tested* before being able to own a dog is a great idea but it's not going to happen.

    The first step in any kind of *test* would be to stop ignorant people from breeding.

    I am all for spaying and neutering (so to speak) the ignorant masses. And I don't care how *harsh* it sounds.

    Anyway, the dogs tore the diaper off the baby. The child's diaper was most likely full of feces which the dogs found interesting. The fact they moved on to the testicles was probably because the testicles were covered in sh*t.

    The dogs did not kill the child. I don't see this as a viable reason to euthanize these dogs.

    But, of course, they are of the *pit bull* breed/mix so for society's sake let's kill them.

    Any other dog would have been capable of doing the exact same thing.

    This is an excellent example of lack of common sense, stupidity and ignorance.

    Spay the moronic mother.

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    ADD: I CAN HELP YOU. Email me. You are safe. I don't bite.

  • Ashley
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    Instead of testing people before getting a dog, they should test people before they have a baby. I love animals and hate animal cruelty (I do have a sense of humor though...that dishwasher thing is pretty funny!), but I value human life and welfare over animal life and welfare, no matter what. That is a very awful thing to have happened to that little boy. I hate to say this, but some girls who "accidentally" get pregnant don't really want the baby, and they don't take very good care of them. I believe that if a baby is unwanted, it should be given up for adoption, but some mothers keep them just because of the status or self image. There are some pretty bad people out there having kids. If there was a way to prevent people having kids until they passed some sort of test, I would be all for it. In this case, the owner really shouldn't have left his dogs with a baby unattended, but leaving a baby alone like that is neglect. I have a 2 month old son, and the only time I leave him alone is in his crib, and I always have the monitor on so I can hear him and know he's okay. How those dogs tore the diaper off and did all that without her hearing is beyond me...unless they were having sex and were ignoring the baby's cries.

  • 1 decade ago

    I wish we could test people before they can own a dog or have a child. Launi hit the nail on the head with the poopy diaper. Why would anyone ever leave a child unattended with a dog. Poor baby and poor dogs, they are the victims here. This poor child will suffer for his parents stupidity for life and the dogs will lose their life because of it. I have two Pit mixes and a 2 year old daughter, they are never left alone together. I will not leave her alone with any type of dog, no matter the size or breed. She plays with our dogs every day and I am always with them. I keep a close watch on my dogs when they interact with any child, if I see them getting stressed I remove them so they can go relax. They have lots of patience with my Daughter but do get stressed if we have other kids here. They have never been aggressive towards a person and I plan on keeping it that way.

    The Teacup thing was funny, sorry you got suspended for that.

  • Yes I DO think testing dog owners would be a good idea. It will never happen unfortunately.

    Passing a test to get your driver’s license is a good idea, but afterwards people are free to do whatever they want which is why TONS of people are horrible drivers. There is STILL road rage and accidents that could have been prevented if people weren’t talking on the phone or doing their makeup or texting and doing everything besides driving the actual car!

    Taking ONE test doesn't mean anything. All people have to do is drive properly to pass the test and then they're free. If there were a test for potential dog owners, then people will breeze through it and run amok after that.

    Someone will have to figure out a test that is always 100% accurate before anything gets put in place, whether it’s for dog owners, children or driving.

    This story is disgusting! I’ve seen a lot of stories like this but this one has to be the worst! Idiotic parents!

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    I have been cogitating over how feasible it would be to have a theory & practical test before someone was allowed to own a dog. After the person passed the two tests, they would then have to carry a license, similar to a driving license, which could be endorsed for minor offenses & revoked, depending on the individual circumstances of an incident.

    The theory test could be computer based, answer x amount of questions. The practical, how someone handled the breed they intended to own in some type of test or similar size/temperament cross bred dog that they intended to purchase.

    The baby suffered a horrific & completely preventable injury & in my opinion the less than responsible parent should face criminal charges for leaving a child without proper supervision, with two dogs.

    In my opinion that your answer to the teacup question was an inspired piece of extremely funny satirical dry wit, which some very silly people obviously took at face value & hit the report button.

    The problem is that some people have a sense of humor by-pass & cannot see that you were ridiculing that which quite rightly was deserving of it!

    Hate speech? Hardly, how utterly ridiculous!!!

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    I actually remember a few months ago someone came onto this site asking what to do with their adopted pit bull after it put stitches in their child. I feel bad for both the baby and the dogs. The baby is the victim here, and what happened was absolutely horrifying. However, the dogs are a victim too. The dogs will be put to death because of the owner's lack of responsibility and ignorance.

    And yeah, I really wish people were somehow tested before they could own a dog.

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    How disgusting. What bothers me so much is that it's ALWAYS portrayed like the dog was an evil maniac-no one thinks as to WHY it would act out in such a way. Due to lack of training? Nahhh. That's just a pit bull being it's ol' pit bull self.

    Sorry for a sorta-kinda-pitbull rant, but I want some accountability on the people.

    To answer the question: Yes, I think there should be a test to own a dog or have kids. We have tests for cars, and owning a dog is just as dangerous and just as much (probably more) responsibility as driving a car.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have always thought having children & owning animals should be a privilege, NOT a right.

    My feelings are more so with children. Too many irresponsible people raising more irresponsible people. It's a vicious cycle that is spiraling out of control & people wonder what is wrong with the world today.

    I agree. Life is a dance & we learn things as we go, but common sense is on the back burner & people aren't using enough of their brains.

    Edit-The dogs are not the guilty ones here, the mother is *&* the boyfriend as far as I'm concerned, it's disgusting that out of the 2 ADULTS, one being a dog owner, the other being a MOTHER, that neither of them seen any wrong in what they were doing-leaving a BABY unsupervised with 2 dogs that didn't know any better.

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    More like they should have to take a test before having kids.

    Who leaves a six month old alone in an apartment, dogs or no dogs??

    It really doesnt sound like the dogs were trying to hurt him - maybe just after the diaper (which probably hadnt been changed for a while, either.)

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Ok this is normally a nasty habit dogs sometimes get. To stop this put lots of pepper and salt on the dogs mess this will deter her from eating it another way is pineapple if you put this ontop of it the dog wont eat the mess anymore as it gives the poo an awful taste and puts the dog off. I was told this by the vet i work with.

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