A woman's heart should be so close to God that a man must seek Him to find her?

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I agree 100%.

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  • SportsGirl4God23 answered 4 years ago
    um this isn't really a question. but as a Christian girl, I agree that a woman's heart should be so wrapped up in the Lord that a man must seek Him in order to reach her.
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  • Foolishness answered 4 years ago
    True that this isn't a question but to your statement I say :

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  • Designer~Wife answered 4 years ago
    Not a question...But it is a great way to live your life!
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  • Ava answered 4 years ago
    that is a statement, not a question. but if you're asking for a definition... it basically means that you're gonna have to be a Christian to even have a chance with her. shes going to try her best to follow his rules, like waiting till marriage to have sex and regularly going to church to spend time fellow-shipping with other Christians. She will be turned off by a God-less man, uninterested. She gets enough criticism from non-believers on a daily basis that she's not going to want to date one. She puts her God first before all else in her life, he is the one she is interested in impressing, not a boyfriend. there are not many women with hearts like this, it's more a goal to strive for.
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  • !@#$% answered 4 years ago
    Lovely passage !! And not a stranger to it..Reminds of the woman who my ex cheated me with. She is that typical woman whose talk is very cheap..She put that religious phrase in many of her pathetic pages on the net...Funny how she fell for his bull **** contrary to what " a woman's heart should seek first" Too funny and too surreal...Life is indeed very beautiful to me !!!
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  • keng answered 4 years ago
    Okay... who's fault is it if ended in divorce. Blame the god?
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  • mandy answered 4 years ago
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