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Does NHL have the most successful brothers?

What I mean is as far as players who have brothers who play for the league as well. It seems like the NHL is the most successful when it comes to that. In the NFL, not many guys who have brothers that get drafted are successful at the pro level except for the Mannings that is. But the NHL has several like the Staal brothers, Primeaus, and others I mean I know there is always one that's better then the other but at least most of them end up having a full career in the NHL unlike the NFL ones who end up getting cut. Am I right or wrong about that?

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    I'd say the NHL does ya.

    From 1982 to 1988, six Sutter brothers played in the NHL at the same time. Brian, Duane, Darryl, Brent and twins Rich and Ron. Duane won 4 Cups and Brent won 2.

    And now Brett Sutter (Darryl's son) plays for the Flames. Brandon played for Carolina. Shaun Sutter was drafted but never played. And Brody and Lukas Sutter currently play in the WHL.

    Eric (Triple Gold club member - Olympic Gold, World Championship Gold and a Stanley Cup), Staal, Jordan and Marc Staal. And maybe Jared Staal soon who was drafted by Phoenix.

    Pavel (future Hal of Famer) Bure and Valeri Bure.

    Daniel and Henrik Sedin. (Hank is now the Canuck franchise record holder for most points in a season).

    All-Star Keith and brother Wayne Primeau.

    Wayne and Dave Babych.

    Neal, Aaron and Paul Broten.

    Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn.

    Marian and Marcel Hossa.

    Kevin Dineen and brothers Peter and Gord.

    Phil and Tony Esposito. (First time in NHL history where one brother scored on another (Phil scored on Tony on November 3, 1968))

    Chris and Ted Drury.

    Geoff and Russ Courtnall.

    Frantisek and Tomas Kaberle.

    Paul and Steve Kariya.

    Saku and Mikko Koivu.

    Mario Lemieux' brother Alain played one game.

    Eric Lindros and Brett.

    The Stastny's. Anton, Marion and Peter. Peter is in the Hall of Fame.

    And Peters 2 sons Paul and Yan Stastny currently play.

    Henrik and Joel Lundqvist.

    Robyn and Richie Regher both played in Calgary.

    Jaarko and Tuomo Ruutu. And their brother Mikko was drafted by Ottawa.

    Scott and Rob Neidermayer.

    Mark Messier's brother Paul played for the Colorado Rockies.

    Kimmo and Jussi Timonen.

    Pierre Turgeon and Sylvain Turgeon.

    Patrick and Peter Sundstrom.

    And of course Wayne and Brent Gretzky. Brent and Wayne hold the NHL record for most points scored by a pair of brothers — 2,857 by Wayne, and four by Brent.

    Source(s): There is also a TON of father/son combinations too.
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    I think the ideal coach is the stern but fair guy who can recognize what each player needs as motivation and when. The players coach type works for a year or 2 but then they start getting taken advantage of. The stern guy can lose the room too but if he is fair and has some success on the ice he will last longer and be more effective than the players coach. In my opinion Kennan could have been a good coach, he has all the tools but he plays to many head-games with is players to be considered fair and he usually has a limited lifespan in each city as he tends to lose the players with all his crap and head-games. Realistically the only cup Keenan won was won by Messier, he is effective in the short term but will be hard pressed to have long-term success, he doesn't get the respect from his players that a Bowman will. I guess the key is respect, respect the players and ensure they respect you by being tough and fair. Bob, I don't disagree - he is a good coach but his style is condusive to a short shelf life because the abrasive attitude and head games cause him to lose the players quickly. In fact his career matches some of the "players coaches" who also have a short shelf life because of the country club mentality that takes over. He is great at coming in and cleaning up a country club. I must admit that I am surprised at what he is doing in calgary, I guess they players are scared of the alternative- Sutter. I also think that it was easier to coach that style in the 70's and 80's when the players had less power.

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    I imagine the Sutters would have to be it. Stanley Cups and statistics back that up.

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    Hanson brothers will always be the best.

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