Environmental engineering?

i want to go to college for environmental engineering and my first college of choice is michigan state. but it is a bit far for me. so i have been researching oakland university, wayne state and university of michigan- dearborn. now none of these universities have an environmental engineering program that i have found, but they do have environmental science programs.

so i am wondering how similar to environmental engineering is the environmental science program in general- and which school, other that michgan state, is best for an environmental science major?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Env engineering is very VERY different than env. science program. Env. eng usually is combined with another department at most schools. At mine, it was chemical engineer, making a heavy focus on the chem. eng side of it. Things we learned focused on wastewater treatment, and pollution controls. Most env. engineering schools will teach you how to design units and solve problems that deal with environmental aspects. Env science degrees are going to focus on the sciences of it, and will be considerably easier and far less useful. I would highly recommend you consider just going with your first choice. College is a time for learning, you don't want to short sell yourself.

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