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Hi All, Need your suggestion.One of my close relative is suffering with synovial sarcoma(cancer) in stage4?

He is under treatment with chemotherapy.Just now he has completed 6th cycle but not

much improvement.In between i heard about Lavanya Ayurveda centre who is claiming

for complete cure.So anyone have any idea about this. Can anyone tell me about the end

physical situation of the cancer patient is it painful or what.Sorry to ask such question but i

never came across such situation in my life and i want to know that is it painful or what?

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    I know this is a lil harsh but everyone dies, and if its not now then its later. If its meant to be that he dies of cancer now, then he will. My brother used to have cancer once too, and he passed away, im not too sure how painful it is as i have never had it myself and i was only 11 at the time. But i know that chemotherapy is really hard, your relative will feel reallly weak and would just want to sleep as he/she will be really tired. My brother was in a lot of pain around the end time but i think that was becuase he had other problems at the same time.

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    Anytime someone claims they can completely cure something no one else can cure it should be your first clue they only want your money. The doctors will do their best to keep pain under control.

    To knowu2knowme – yes the asker will get a bunch of lies and opinions from people who don't know their **** from a hole in the ground and you are one of them. You do not speak from experience as if you had cancer this plant would not have cured you.

    Source(s): I am a cancer registrar.
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    Yes cancer is painful. Chemotherapy is awful.

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    These people are very helpful:

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