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why did jj abrams ruin and kill star trek?

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    He's a jerk.

    I'm hoping the next movie has them going back in time setting things back, or we'll find out that this was an alternate reality...

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    ruin and kill it?

    if anything,he saved it!

    star trek had become too bloated and confusing to some because of it's,at times,convoluted continuity of 40 plus fact it was the continuity of the franchise that was an endless source of frustration for the writers of enterprise because every time they'd come up with an idea,they'd have to check it against past continuity!

    the great thing with abrams's star trek was because like the new batman and james bond movies,it was essentialy a "do over"for the star trek franchise.the great thing about the new star trek movie was that like batman begins and casino royale before it,you didn't need to know what went happened in the previous movies in order to understand what's going on.this was part of what made the new star trek movie very accessible to non-trek fans.

    if abrams hadn't of done what he did the franchise would've died and nemesis would've been the last movie(scary huh?)


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    I don't think he did. I like it :)

    And I'm a major tos trekkie. I love that Kirk and Spock and McCoy and Scotty are all back in action. I missed them, I've had enough of the special effects picard nonsense. We need the good old original enterprise crew on some new missions.

    I especially loved all the detail Abrams put into each shot. He included lots of humor for just the trek fans in his movie, and he even found a spot for Leonard Nimoy to come back and grace us as Spock again.

    He really captured the essence of the old episodes, too. The perfect balance of action, storyline, and most importantly the relationship's between the characters. And, he managed to really bring back that star trek humor that kept even the most dramatic episode light-hearted.

    I loved the movie and I think Abrams did a great job. I hope he makes a lot more.

    Live Long and Prosper \\//_

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    technically, sure. TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager won't exist in the recent famous individual Trek continuity. yet Nero has a line in the action picture that addresses this very question: "It happened! I watched it take place! I observed it take place! do no longer tell me it did no longer take place!" i heavily think of they placed that line in there on purpose. did you watch TNG? then TNG happened. =)

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    And to make it look more like Star Wars.

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    how did he ruin it?

    tells the early days of the original crew and how a romulan uses spock to try to kill kirk to change the past.

  • for the same reason Christopher Nolan ruined and killed the Original batman, it was getting boring to some,

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    Why, for the money. Why else? It's more and more obvious that money is all that's important to so many people.

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