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    Pirate of the Caribbean: At the World's End

    Jack Sparrow: Yo, Will, my dear! How's Elizabeth's cunt?

    Will Turner: Ummmm...... it was rather tender, just the smell is really bad, I felt like suffocated.

    Jack Sparrow: Just like what I told you, sunshine, I bought you a mask, here, make sure you wear it every time you perform oral sex.

    Will Turner:Thanks, brother!

    Jack Sparrow:Now, here's the photo of my ex's cunt.

    Will Turner: Wooo, it's smoking hot!

    Jack Sparrow: It might look great, but that gave me a permanent nose damage!

    Will Turner: Actually I prefer woman with some smell that burns the nose!

    Jack Sparrow:Suit yourself, just don't say I didn't warn you.

    Will Turner:Can I have a smell of your ex?

    Jack Sparrow:Be my guest, She's in the new whore house on Fleet St..

    Will Turner:Nice, I'll be back.

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