Barbizon modeling acting I'm scared if i wasn't that good what should i do!! to empress them more?

ok today i went to a barbiezon modeling and acting . there were like 30 different people kids to teens to enter. they would pick some of the best people in there ( good attitude, good personality, body, grades and on... it was morning and first of all i didnt knew it was something big and cool to participate, i could get famous, i got will dressed i'm really skinny and tall and kind of cute. first of all i didn't knew that barbizon was a big cool thing i got there with my mind that it was just a cool fun modeling thing!!! but when i new it was more i got nervous!! going on (t.v wow!!)

i was tired too, it was morning i slept late! soo..

But i was so scared and nerves. i was getting confused a lot when they introduce my self and talked to me. they say i have a great body. but i think i was to insecure and i told her that. i told her that i have 2 c's and 2 d's in my report card omg noooooo!!!! i don't have d's (i had it 2 weeks ago) and i put them up to b's this week. I was nervous and i answer a question kind of wrong (how interested are u on this? 1 - 10) I ANSWER 6 WHY???? i meant 10!!!! nonono!! one last thing is that they told me what is your goal for your future i said BEING ON ARTIST because i'm good on drawing and art and panting noooooo I SHOULD SAY ON ACTING AND MODELING I'M SOOO STUPID!!!

i looked king of not getting what was going on. i was confused of this. until i got home and saw in the computer that people had become famous of going to this place.!!






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    It's a SCAM!

    They will call you saying that you got the highest scores! They only care if you have $2000. Barbizon will ONLY help you get laughed out of LA and NY.

    BARBIZON was exposed by Dateline's Chris Hansen as being scammy! They sent someone who intentionally was a bad actress and she got a perfect score and accepted to Barbizon. Scam O'RAMA! DOCUMENTATION BEATS CONVERSATION!


    Barbizon, John Robert Powers, and John Casablancas are all SCAMS! They are NOT agencies! They MISLEAD people into thinking that they are, but are NOT. LEGIT Agencies only make money when you do (10% for film/tv and commercials, 20% for commercial print). REAL AGENTS DON'T take $2000 upfront and DON'T make you take their subpar classes. YES! You'll be paying at least $2000 for crappy classes!

    A school for modeling is the biggest scam, period! When you get picked up by a LEGIT agency like Ford or Elite, they will teach you or hire coaches. They're not going to reject your resume because "oh, you don't have any modeling classes."

    If you don't think they're scams, then go waste thousands of dollars that could go towards good headshots and training from the BEST schools (JRP, JC, and Barb. are NOT the best!) Also, go to a major market like L.A. or N.Y. with those schools on your resume. You'll get LAUGHED out!

    Schools like Barbizon, JRP, and JC still exist because there are a lot of suckers trying to get into acting and for the money. They think that going to one school will be the answer and it's not. It's these schools that give them and feed off of those false promises. For every 100 people that go through these scammy schools and lose their money, there will always be that naturally talented kid that gets work and that these scammy schools take credit for.

    JRP-Banks on the name of a very famous and DEAD agent. They say that Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Barbara Walters, Heather Locklear, Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda, and many other famous actors went to the school, when NONE of them did! Some of those celebs even threatened legal action for using their names. So you see, they use bait and switch tactics.

    John Casablancas-The franchises have been known for unethical business practices and really have nothing to do with the founder's original intentions.

    Barbizon-It was popular back in the 70s and 80s. Now these franchises have been known for unethical business practices and false promises.

    These schools are OVERPRICED and DON'T provide the caliber training that more affordable and REPUTABLE schools like Howard Fine Studios, Ivanna Chubbuck, Groundlings, Second City, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Stella Adler, William Esper Studios, Tom Todoroff, Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown, Margie Haber, etc. do.

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    That's weird they are cussing. I haven't ever heard that or experienced it. I went to Barbizon and had a great time. Why would you think it's a scam? If you paid money and they delivered the classes you paid for it's not a scam. If you paid they money and they didn't provide the classes then it would be. If you are referring to whether or not you get a job from Barbizon you are #1 defining your success in the wrong way and #2 Barbizon does not guarantee job placement. It's the same as if you went to hair school, they don't give you a job just for have to go out and get it. I had a wonderful experience with Barbizon and think most of the chatter on the web about it is BS.

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    Don't worry about it - everyone who auditions at Barbizon is accepted. Even if you were 5'2" and 250lbs and could barely speak English they'd still acccept you. They are a school, anyone who pays can take their classes. They aren't an agency so they aren't judging you on your talent.

    Dateline did a whole story about them

    "It wasn't long before our interviewer explained who they accept at the Barbizon school.

    Interviewer: Do we want every child that comes through the door to enroll in Barbizon? Absolutely. For one, we're a business. And every business, I don't care who you are… you need revenues.

    He went on to explain the process of signing up new clients. He says the girls are given a pitch, interviewed, asked if they can afford it and sent home.

    Interviewer: That's on a Sunday. You come back here on a Monday and you call them – “Hi Mrs. Smith, I have great news for you. We'd love to have Susie be part of the Barbizon family.”

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    heeey ..

    okaayy well just try not and be soo nervouuss

    i actually was in barbizzon modelling before .. i went thier and got interviewed and did a model walk.., and they picked me the first dayy

    imm sure u will get a calll .. just tryy not to be nervouuus

    that place is actually kind of a scamm they ask u for alot of money and stuff

    anyways yaah id get an agennt so u can get into acting and modellinng

    thats what im doing :)

    if u have any questions about it u can email me

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    yeah your answers didn't really help them much.

    They want someone thats really passionate about modeling and acting.

    If you don't make it, don't worry they have other auditions, for newcomers,

    you can do it again, good luck!! :)

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