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Help! Need marriage celebrant in France (Millau area) that speaks English do ceremony!?

My partner and I recently got married here in a small ceremony, but are getting "married" in front of family in France next month. I need an English speaking celebrant (doesn't even have to be official) to perform the symbolic ceremony next month and am having a nightmare trying to find someone. Does anyone have any suggestions? Desperate!!!

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    If you are already married civilly, then this is the religious part of the ceremony. Contacting the English, Scottish, American churches in Paris would indeed be a good start. Otherwise have you checked whether the priest speaks English? Or could he do the ceremony with an interpreter by his side - it could be anybody from your family / friends.


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    i've got been there countless circumstances. What i've got chanced on is that there is a great distinction between Paris and something of the rustic. In Paris, you may rely on lodge clerks, many shopkeepers, and so on. to talk English. contained in something of the rustic, that's like right here interior the rustic…you may not anticipate all people conversing any however the community language. as an occasion, I in many circumstances spend time in a village interior the Midi (south) with French acquaintances. interior the village (of a few million,000), between the two medical doctors, the chiropractor, the pharmacist, the baker, the two bar vendors, the food market clerks, and the owner of the lodge, NONE of them speaks any English in any respect. do not enable that keep you from going, notwithstanding. even with each and every little thing, it is not a question of what proportion communicate English, yet of finding somebody who speaks it once you decide on help, instructions, and so on. and that's very quite often achievable.

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    Have you tried googling for English or American churches in the area, or even the Paris one and ask them for names? Or look up expatriates sites on the net, there's a good English speaking community spread around in the south of France, they can help.

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