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Why do some wrestling fans act like they were never kids(more inside)?

I see alot of fans bash the little kids that watch WWE and say bad things about them like how stupid they are and how they know nothing about wrestling etc.

Weren't we all kids once? I'm not a kid, well not really, I'm 15, but I DID start watching WWE when I was a kid and it bothers me when people say things like how "all of WWE's fans are stupid little kids who know nothing about wrestling."

I'm sure all of you who started watching wrestling when you were kids didn't know too much about wrestling either, so why do you bash the "little kids" who watch WWE.

And most of WWE's audience isn't kids anyways, but that's besides the point. Im sure most of us got into wrestling when we were kids, so there's no point in bashing them.

BQ- Who's better CM Punk or Chris Jericho?

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    You know who the REAL wrestling fans are? Those "kids". The ones you're talking about, the ones so many of the "smarter" older fans complain about and make fun of.

    Pro wrestling is presented as contests of skills, athleticism, endurance, and strength. The one possessing the most of those attributes in a match generally wins (or should win). We, as fans, are supposed to react viscerally. That is, with our emotions as we are "caught up in the moment", the heat of the battle. We are supposed to react instinctively, as if the whole thing was an actual contest of skills, with the winner either gaining a championship or "climbing the ladder" to contend for one. We are supposed to boo and hate a wrestler who cheats and whines, and otherwise doesn't "play by the rules". We are supposed to applaud and cheer a wrestler who wins with his skills and strength and doesn't need to cheat. As if the whole thing WAS real. This is the way pro wrestling was meant to be watched.

    The only fans who actually DO react viscerally, instinctively, are those "kids". THAT'S who Vince markets the WWE toward. The fans who "believe" (whether they do believe, or suspend their DISbelief, they react with their emotions, not by what some spoiler site told them).

    I see so many complaints here in this section that Vince "doesn't care about the fans", and "only markets to the little kiddies", etc etc. Well, those complaints are correct. Vince doesn't give a damn about "fans" who scour spoiler/rumor sites, steal PPVs, and do nothing but complain. They'll keep watching no matter what he puts on TV. Vince has them trained well; he knows they'll keep coming back week after week after week. He doesn't care that they're complaining; they'll keep coming back each week, keeping his TV ratings up.

    He markets his product toward those who watch with their emotions, not with spoiler/rumor/smark-induced sneers on their faces; those who react instinctively as if it were real, not those who watch to have their opinions confirmed that the show "sucks". He gives the REAL fans (those "kids") a show during which they can cheer, boo, laugh, cry and experience many emotions. Vince doesn't care about those who whine and complain about everything, and does little to appease them. The whiners and complainers steal PPVs and don't buy merchandise, so screw 'em. Vince produces shows for the REAL fans, those "kids" (in quotation marks because that term isn't just for pre-teens) who react instinctively with their emotions, not spoiler-induced sneers.

    Why do some "fans" feel the need to insult others? Simple. Insecurity. Pro wrestling has always had the "fake" stigma attached and the stigma of "if you watch that fake crap you must not be very smart". Those would-be know-it-alls who THINK they know how the wrestling business works (aka "smarks") are not wrestling fans. They don't enjoy anything about pro wrestling and spend inordinate amounts of time trying to convince those who DO that wrestling "sucks" and is run by idiots who don't have a clue what they're doing. Bizarrely and sadly, they get listened to. And perhaps their most damaging "opinion" concerns those "kids" you refer to. Those who believe (or choose to believe) that wrestling is completely legitimate are a favorite target of those moronic "smarks" ("smarks" call them "marks", completely reversing the real meaning of that word). They target the most pure wrestling fan (those who do, want to, or choose to believe it's all real) and bash them FOR that passion. The "some wrestling fans" you refer to are generally older teenaged boys (not all of them, but most of them) who haven't formed their own opinions yet and are generally going along with either the crowd or what they think is "cool" based on what the masses do, so that THEY don't appear to be "gullible stupid marks". And this is asinine. The purest wrestling fan, who chooses to react based on what's in front of his/her face instead of spoiler/rumor sites, is bashed and insulted by "fans" who won't even pretend to pretend it's all real ("fans" in quotation marks, too. It doesn't matter how often you watch something; if you get no enjoyment from it you're not a fan). Hah, it'd be interesting to heckle one of them for watching a movie as if it were real and insult HIM for being a "stupid mark", buying the load of crap the director and actors sold him, and watch HIM try to defend himself.

    Vince isn't trying to fool the world; HE told the world "wrestling is fake". He's just trying to give us a believable show we can react instinctively to, with our emotions and our hearts. And those who do react that way are bashed and insulted by the so-called "smart" fans. Jeez...

    Becoming "smart" to some of the business has created a whole slew of whiners and complainers who have taken a little bit of knowledge and feel that they are now qualified to do a better job than the professionals who actually DO know how the business works.

    I have been a wrestling fan for 43 years, I started watching when wrestling was still "real", before the internet, "smarks", and spoiler/rumor sites ruined the whole damn thing. Anybody care to debate with ME how real wrestling is or who the REAL fans are?

    BQ: Both are very talented, in the ring, on the mic, as "actors". Impossible to choose which is "better", so I will choose the one I most enjoy watching, the one I'm most entertained by. Chris Jericho.

  • Mainly because a majority of John Cena and other fans of 'Face" Wrestlers are kids. And the fact that most kids under 10 years started watching WWE before TNA and apparently TNA is more Wrestling Related than the WWE. LOL

    BQ: Hm, Chris Jericho is better! But, CM Punk is up there too, it's just Y2J has been in the business longer as to why I have him as "better" than CM Punk at the moment. Maybe once Y2J retires Punk will be my new "Very Best".

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    I'm still a kid, 22 year old teenager with a soul of a 13 year old kid, I never let myself grow up inside because I've always felt as if I would lose the entertainment aspect of what WWE is supposed to be, entertaining for its fans and good, I mean, do we NEED to be grown-ups trying to watch WWE? Nope, unleash the kid inside you, some people just grow outta watching WWE because they grow up, they become more of an adult and it's just more of a phase rather than a cult following of a show, I know some people that have grown out of watching WWE because they found the wrestling aspect better in other companies, yes, even I think the wrestling is better in other companies but I've always watched WWE to be entertained, I just don't rely that much on their wrestling as much because of the other companies

    RoH, TNA (at times) put on better wrestling so I rely on them to feed me the aspect they do better and that's wrestling, WWE, I just watch outta loyalty and it's entertainment value because I'm easily excited, when Swagger won the World Title, seriously, I felt excited because it was a shock moment and it did grab you if you were into the promo, that, to me, was the best opening 15 minutes to any show this year alone because I just loved it

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    The children are sheep and accept anything that is presented on television. Come on they actually think Twilight is what Vampires is suppose to be about.....and ignore the history of Dracula and Nosferatu. So now these fans believe that Sports Entertainment is the be all and only form of wrestling and everything else is crap.

    Well sir I say WAKE UP! Your universe of fantasy is BS and is nothing but a mockery of the sport of pro wrestling. And I bet you dollars to donuts that if any of the WWE Developmental guys were to get into a shoot fight with anybody they would run like little girly men. Or run crying to HHH demanding that said fighter is a meanie and should be fired...

    CM Punk

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    I know that WWE is changing to pamper to the kids but you shouldnt hate the kids for that. There just kids they dont know what there doing. That would be like the parents of the kids hateing us for how wrestling used to be during the attitude era. So if your gonna hate anybody it should be Vince McMahon.

    BQ: Jericho but Punk is still very talented

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    When I was a kid I watched WWF because it was straight up badass. I would get a time-out for flipping off my mom like stone cold, ect.

    BUT - The reason kids are disliked TODAY is because back when WWE was awesome, Vince didn't change wrestling one bit for the kids. It was for the adults. Nowadays, Wrestling is all FOR the kids. Wrestling used to be for adults, and now the WWE pampers it to the Kids, and for that, the life-long fans are pissed at these kids!

    I don't know what kid turns on modern day WWE Monday night raw and says "this is badass". My parents used to tell me that Wrestling is for adults, and innapropriate, now parents let their kids watch wrestling because it's modeled for them.

    Between Punk and Y2J - that's tough. Punk is one of the only people in WWE with a stand out good gimmick so I'll go with Punk.

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    Because back in the day when the kids used to watch WWF, Vince didn't care about the kids but all he cared about was wrestling and now Vince is trying to rip off the kids by selling merch. and stuff.

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    I still am a kid and everytime i watch wwe i just make myself imagine it is real, and no matter what other people say, call me a kid if yu want to, but i like to think it is real and i love it

    Jericho's better

  • i agree with ya there.

    im 15 to, i started watching WWE (then F) back in 1999 or 2000. i dont bash anyone for liking WWE. i just dont care for how Vince is to worried about the little kids. i would direct it from ages 14 to 37 if it was me

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    i started watching when i wuz 8 with my grandma whos been watching for over 70 years

    older wrestling fans bash younger ones because of what the kids did to wwe. because of kids theirs no more bra and panties matches, no more REAL hardcore matches, and limited cussing. because of kids there is a dumb dwarf running around and ruining dx. dx isnt supposed to be kid friendly.

    cm punk is good but jericho is better

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    Most WWE fans that I've met in my life are immature. That's most, not all.

    It's actually a lot of acting put in, and if you thought the latest WWE is real, that is a sad mistake.

    But back in the old days, it was somewhat regular since it was actually decent.

    Source(s): I've met a lot of people who were avid fans of WWE and they all had immaturity and blind belief in common in their personality, specially when they discussed about WWE...
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