How is legislation passed in Washington DC prior to 1970?

I'm working on a paper on the Washington Metro and am trying to sort through the legislative process in DC between 1955-1970.

I know there is the Council which acts like a legislation in a state (or that is what I gathered through my research, could be wrong). However, for my paper, the bill allowing the Metro needs to pass Congress. Why does it pass Congress instead of the Council? Isn't this a local matter rather than a national one? How was the government set up in DC between 1955-1970?

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Yeah...title should read "How WAS legislation passed..."

grammatical error

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    Hi. Prior to the creation of the establishment of the current D.C. government in 1973, Washington D.C. was governed by a three-member board of commissioners. Two of the commissioners were appointed by the President and a final commissioner was selected from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They effectively acted as the city's executive branch.

    Congress as a whole, and specifically the District of Columbia subcommittees in the House of Representatives and Senate, acted as Washington's local legislature. So every single law in respect to the District had to be passed by Congress, including the legislation that created the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (i.e. the Metro). In the link below you will notice that the original agreement refers to the Congress and the Board of Commissioners as being the original signatories for the District of Columbia.

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    The same way it's passed now.


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