1906 San Francisco Earthquake?

Can someone answer these simple statistics for the 1906 San Franc. Earthquake? A link would be appreiciated also. I WILL CHOOSE A BEST ANSWERRR [: THANKSS.

1.Location of Earthquake-focus(depth) and epicenter




5.Type of fault?

6.Took place between which two tectonic plates?

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    1. Off the coast of San Fransisco

    2, approximaltely 7.7 (estimates range between 7.7 and 8.25)

    3. Much of the city burned down. Many structures collapsed in San Francisco and the surrounding area


    5.Transform Fault (also known as a strike-slip fault)

    6.North American and pacific Plate (along the San Andreas Fault)




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    The 1906 San Francisco earthquake happened on the San Andreas fault in the Pacific Ocean not far from San Francisco, oakland or the east bay. The San Andreas fault runs under the southwest end of San Francisco and goes into the ocean from there.

    The magnitude was estimated to be around 8.5 by today's standards. They didn't have the richter scale back then. The intensity was devastating, the city of San Francisco had major structural damage to most of its buildings, but the fire that followed was the worst. Most of what was then the main part of city was burnt to the ground. It's said only 900 people were killed, but I believe it was more in the thousands. People had to live in tent cities that were set up in all the parks, including Golden Gate Park. I believe it was a thrust style earthquake on the San Andreas between the Pacific plate and the North American plate. As I said earlier it was in 1906.

    Source(s): Former San Francican.
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