Is Lebanon a good destination to visit?

I have heard new york times 2009 voted Lebanon as one of the best top ten destinations to visit.

Then on the other hand you hear Lebanon has a high security risk and Israel is on the brink of war with Lebanon. Hezbollah is on alert for Israel attacking.

my conclusion is some say lebanon is safe and great place to Visit, some say no stay away. What do you say?


@stingray - i am british pakistani male

Update 2:

Edit - Thats true the media do exploit issues, i see pics of lebanon i really want to go.

Update 3:

@Aussie - your right if i have not been there i can not judge, its just speclative comment heard from many sources

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  • B K
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    1 decade ago
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    well, Lebanon is an excellent destination to visit:

    culturally, the place is filled with stuff to visit, archeological, historical, religious and the national museums has some nice artefacts to see

    outdoors : the scenery is fantastic and you can visit all from the mountains to the bekaa valley and the seafront. lebanon offers great landscapes

    services : excellent hotels and resorts

    food and beverages : excellent selection of restaurants, lebanese food of course, the other lebanese food (sushi) and plenty of places where service is very good, food quality is also very good with decent prices.

    as for the security risk : it never was really lowered to zero since the end of the civil war in 1991.

    2006 was a disastrous year for lebanon as all were predicting an amazing summer season in terms of tourism and the conflict with israel started.

    nevertheless, plenty of foreigners, europeans mostly have been pouring into lebanon since last year to visit the place and all has been going well.

    whereas there will be a war, you should consult your embassy to see what are their travel recommendations, but so far all seems to be going fine, regardless what the press is reporting.

  • sushil
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    4 years ago

    Places To Visit In Lebanon

  • 1 decade ago

    The security situation in Lebanon is volatile. At the moment everything is perfectly fine. In two or three months that could be different or it could be the same things change quite often in the region and long term predictions are difficult.

    But at the moment there is no reason not to travel there. Lebanon is a beautiful country and has a lot to offer. It's a tad expensive (especially Beirut), but places like Baalbek or Byblos are very much worth visiting.

    The few unsafe areas are places that no normal tourist would go to anyway : the immediate border area with Israel and the refugee camps.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think everywhere you go there is a risk of something bad happening...did you hear about the polish plane that crashed in Russia with on board the president and his wife and lots of ministers?

    One should take risks in life or one will miss a lot of opportunities.

    If you have the chance to come and visit Lebanon you should take it, I assure you it's worth it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I say that many people make judgments based on what they see & hear on TV without ever having been there & consequently they have a screwed up view of the country...

    Sure there have been problems & probably always will be but that takes away nothing from the incredible attraction of this amazing is rich in natural beauty , culture , history & it's food & hospitality are world renowned !

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  • 4 years ago

    The best time to come in winter would be in February because you will have snow. You can rent a chalet in Faraya or Cedars (my prefered destiniation) can ski or snowboard or ride skidoos. Things you can always do all through the year in lebanon...visiting Geita Grotto, nightlife in Downtown Beirut, shopping... Hope you enjoy yourself

  • X-GIRL
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    1 decade ago

    Lebanon is the best place to go for a holiday :)

    and it's safe as any other country

  • Angie
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    1 decade ago

    dont listen to stingray...most women in Lebanon where a lot of beautiful jewlery everyday...the Banks are very good..and the ATM's are just fine to use as in any ohter country, ..

    and dont worry about the American part..

    we back when my son was 7...he didnt speak even thought he was lebanese by blood he told everyone he was american....he used to go to internet cafe when he was only 10 with friends..of course he learned to speak arabic...but he was just fine...if anything everyone wanted to be his friend.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sure go to Lebanon. beautiful country

    Today the whole world is dangerous.

    just go and be aware of your surroundings

    do not act like a tourist.

    leave all your jewelry at home. and keep your camera hidden

    do not use cash, but use ATM with caution

    For your own safety, hide the idea that you are American.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    GO!!!! You'll love it :)

    Many people say/believe it isn't safe...but it is very safe at the moment. It's a beautiful country, and everything in it is amaaaazing!

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