I have a urgent question about college sports?

My boyfriend is in Community College working on his associates as a fireman. But The thing is he would love to play college basketball in a major university, but he has a criminal record. And my question is could he still play if he's turning his life around and not doing anything that could lead him back to trouble? He could probably get into a major college, but I'm not sure if he could play for them or not. So please help. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's difficult to answer your question because there are many factors involved. Some colleges may not care about the criminal record, while it will be a problem for others. There may be NCAA rules against putting players on the basketball court if they have criminal records. (I don't know, but there might be.) There's also the question of your boyfriend's age. Did he spend any time in prison, so that he will be significantly older than the other players on the team? There is no way to determine exactly what will happen, so here is what you should advise him. When it comes time for him to enter a four-year college, and if he is doing well enough in basketball that he could be recruited for a team, he should go to the college, talk to someone in counseling, and find out what his chances are. There is little point in worrying about it now, and, trust me, even if it turns out that he cannot play college ball, his wise decision to turn his life around will lead to other opportunities which will bring him just as much satisfaction as playing college basketball would have.

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