I have to write a personal essay on "What New York City means to me", any tips?

Basically my problem is that I've never been to New York and really my idea of it doesn't exactly mean an awful lot to me. So any advice and what I could write would be much appreciated.

(I don't want you to write my essay for me, just ideas!)


@Dwayne Hoover

I already tried that but its pretty hard to get two pages A4 out of it, which is the minimum

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    Since you have never actually visited the city, your essay would have to be about what the city represents for you. Is it a den of iniquity, a sin city? No, wait, that's Las Vegas. Well, you get the idea. What pops into your mind when someone says New York If you were given a free trip to the city, where would you go, what would you do? That's the tourist concept of New York. If you were told that you were going to be moved to that city, what would you think your life would be like? Now you are a resident - how does the city look different from the tourist view?

    Hope this helps.

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    Well, one key point for writers is to research.

    Look at websites etc, to see what it's like, what it's known for and YOUR opinion on it. Heck, you can even listen to the song Empire State of Mind to get deas

    I type in New York into Google and this is what it tells me - Statue of Liberty - Empire State Building - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Ellis Island - Rockefeller Center New York - Grand Central Terminal - Central Park Zoo

    So my brief idea (if I had to write it) would be, New York to me is a place buzzing with things to do around the clock. It's a modern state and also very busy and therefore it doesn't hold much meaning for me as I'm a laid back type of person

    Just a short example

    Think about people who come from New York, celebs, what do they mean to you?

    Hope I helped



    If you really don't want to write well about it, talk about the negative aspects about the things I wrote above. For example, NY is said to be a great place full of fashion designers and shops - say that doesn't mean anything to you, you enjoy shops like...I dunno, JD?

    NY is also said to be the city that never sleeps, say that you enjoy your sleep :)

    It's also said to be a place of Hip-hop and rap, does that mean anything to you? Do you listen to rock, classic music etc instead?

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    If you really want to be original, you could write about how it means absolutely nothing to you.

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