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Mosaic Ideas for 6-10 yr olds?

What kind of materials can children 6-10 yrs old use for a Mosaic ; dis-including

--> construction paper


--> and that beading that they sell in the store

I'm thinking of something challenging.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Actually, ALL KINDS of items and materials can be used to make "mosaics."

    Technically, anything that you could make small enough to get sufficient pieces for the surface you want to cover would work, but you may have to vary the adhesive, grout and/or base used depending on the materials you choose or on the use you'll be putting the finished item to. Oh, and whether they need to be water-proof or not, etc.

    In addition to traditional tiles ("tesserae") made from ceramic or glass, they could also find, buy or even make their own tiles.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "that beading they sell in the store," but in fact any kinds of beads from tiny seed beads, to pony beads, to Mardi Gras beads*, to wood beads, to real or fake turquoise chips, and more, could be used as the tile elements.

    *love the ones by this guy:

    They could also use paper bits as you mentioned (flat shapes, or dimensional, or some people even make large grid ones with Post It notes ) ...or rocks/pebbles ...or wood bits (or "wood" from outdoors like bark/twigs/acorns/etc)...or metal tacks or brads or screws/washers/etc... or plastic chips or other items... or clays of all kinds**...or even whole spices like peppercorns/cardamom/cloves/etc...or just about anything.

    **Those who like to use POLYMER CLAY like to make their own "tiles" in squares or other shapes to make mosaics with too.

    Those tiles can range from tiny to large, can be any color and can even be patterns or made into metallic colors, can be any shape or thickness, etc. (could also use air-dry clays instead but those would need to be colored and sealed at least).

    Here are some of the possibilities (for small to medium mosaics): (fancy one) (scroll down a ways to the mosaics on box lids by Becky Green)

    And here are some small polymer clay tiles ready for use...these were cut with scissors from baked sheets of polymer clay (not Sculpey though--too brittle; probably Premo, KatoPolyclay, Cernit, or FimoClassic):

    And the tiles can also be more like puzzle pieces than rectangles: (not grouted yet)

    There are also "micro-mosaics" made with teeny tiny strings of polymer clay too:

    There's loads of (free) info on making polymer clay mosaics and making the tiles on these pages at my site, if you're interested: click on "Cutting Small Tiles" in the middle of the list at top of page

    And there are some BOOKS on doing polymer clay mosaics too:

    And of course, you can also combine different media by using various materials, as well as shapes/etc, in the same mosaic.

    Diane B.

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's quite a list previous posters have contributed !

    How about also :

    -- pasta of diverse shapes, sizes, colors?

    -- playing marbles

    -- rolled paper beads - again, they can first roll the paper into any shape/size/color beads & then glue them as per design.

    -- sequins

    -- shells

    -- whole grains & cereals [eg. rice - these can be colored; beans - so many colors & varieties!..]

    -- satin ribbon strips/folds

    -- dried flowers, twigs, pebbles, sand, bugs, leaves, ...

    -- they are young & it's an over-protective world, but we even made mosaics out of glass bangle pieces - they look soooo lovely - curved pieces of so many transparent colors & textures & designs.[and my mother's generation even ground these to pieces to get a sand-like powder !]

    -- styrofoam "tiles" cut from take-away plates, cups, etc.

    -- some sort of candy ?

    -- how about chalk pieces?

    Hope these help too.

    I've tried to keep the likes & dislikes of this young group in mind, trying to utilize stuff they use/collect/come across in daily life ....

    All the very best & enjoy :-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hope these help

    be sure to read this it give lots of info

    this is all that I will look for as I have no idea how long it will take you to go trough the links. Have fun.

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  • 3 years ago

    set up a scavenger hunt and the winner gets a prize or cope with . Take them to the park and have them deliver jointly stuff to apply on a nature college . Have them glue the flaws they discover to a chew of shape paper or poster board . Take them to the zoo. p.c.. a picnic lunch and flow to the park and play Frisbee or seize . in case you google events for babies you ought to be waiting to discover all varieties of stuff . make sock puppets , and make a level and take turns putting on a custom .

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Glass and pieces of mirror :P China as well ^_^

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