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when is the best time to goto thailand?

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    Yes. anytime is the best time to visit Thailand. Thailand is a tropical country; so there is no winter in Thailand. At mid day it can be hot and humid. It's wise to always wear summer attire. Even when it rains it can never get cold in Thailand. All is summer fun whole year round, sometimes rain can spoil your vacation but won't really last long, an umbrella is always available in one of the many shops in Thailand.

    Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations of the world. The culture is unique. People are friendly. The only problem is most Thai do not speak English. During the rush-hour in Bankok, heavy traffic is observable.

    You must try Thai food, though it can be very, very spicy so ask the waitress to make your food less spicy if you don't like spicy food, just do the sign language of fanning your tongue and the universal "No" by waving your forefinger in disagreement.

    All in all, come to Thailand anytime you want. Bon Voyage.

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    Anytime is a good time to go to Thailand. The weather is always great in some part. If there are monsoons in the south, you can go to the north, central or east.

    You will always have a good time.


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    10:35 am, Jan 5 2021

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    When the present demonstration is gone!

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    during december because everything's on sale and it's also not cold

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