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Who sees the difference between watching standard definition channels & HD channels with Com cast HD service?

My mom says you are just paying Com cast a whole lot of extra money cause she told me,she doesn't see the difference between HD programs and regular programs.For example I can be watching(in the living room and yes I do have a TV in my room) a regular channel and then turn it on the HD channel for the same channel and it looks exactly the same as the regular channel,I too myself see no difference.

we have 3 Com cast basic HD set top boxes and one Com cast HD DVR box(silver in color that says HDMI on the front) in the living room.

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    there is a difference you can tell it much easier on sports

    the colors or much better

    also more information can be sent i have noticed that on ESPN allot i se more on HD thean standard

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    Nope. My mom wasted funds procuring a HD for each room as quickly as we already had plasma displays and that i can not tell the version different than that the Plasma exhibit easily seems to stand as much as reflecting gentle and making it tricky to work out whilst the solar is shining interior the direction of the domicile windows. We switched to Direct television using fact they ahd greater HD channels, yet their channels are all whack and it actually grew to become into not well worth it. digital Cable each and every of how

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