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ABBCD asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急`急`急` 幫我用英文譯左個故事...plz`








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    After work, I immediately go to the nearby shop to invite a Feng Shui Master to my office for a drinking places ceremonies. As I have just arrived outside the feng shui shop, suddenly, it automatically opens the door, and this move makes me heart Wrap can not help a cold. just as I would like to go in when there is a women's voice in my ear constantly, said,''Do not go in, or you will die.''When I mustache that this time the sound is really scared I was really surprised, but a carefully thought she was scheduled to speak to me all day, it would be faster off her! So, I pretend not to hear the voice, firmly into there. I have been walking along the road, finally let me see to master, and then I politely told him,''Hello!''he respond to me,''you want me to make a drinking places, ceremonies for you now!''after listening, I am very happy! because this proves that the master is the real thing. In talking about the conditions we will proceed toward the road to the office. before departure master asked me a question,''If this fails, you have may lose their lives, you really afraid of?''I soon answered him,''Not afraid!''

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    A few minutes later we arrived at the office. When we arrived, they told me that the master,''Let me tell her (the soul) talk for a while, so please do not make noise.''I answered,'' Yes, I see!!''in the master into the state, along with the dialogue they started! master said,''

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    Hello! me is to help you, you can come out and talking to me?''does not start any reaction, but after a while children, the Office of the sudden all the lights out.

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    At that time, I heard a woman say this, Hello''! me no harm me, but I would have company over a decade, a bit reluctant, it has never left.

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    ''Then, the master said to me,''Do you hear it!''I nod to respond. Master asked me,''then you have to rush her to go?

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    After work, I would immediately go to the nearby Feng Shui stores hope to make a master to my Office for a scene of funeral rites. I just reach the Feng Shui stores when, suddenly, the door opens automatically, this behaviour I wrapped it in a cold-just could not help but I would like to get in, there was a woman's voice in my ears constantly saying, ' ' don't go in, otherwise you'll die. ' When my hair to the sound of time really is me, but take a guess, as she speaks, as her away! so, I would pretend to hear the sound, determined to go into that I go along, finally let me see the guru, then, I politely told him, ' ' Hello! ' His response to me, ', ' you are would like me to make a scene of funeral rites! '' After listening, I was very happy! this is proof that the master is a chewy. when we talk about finished condition then headed to the Office of departure-before the master asked me a question, ' ' If this fails, you may be death, do you really not afraid? '' I soon answered him, ' ' ' ' not afraid!

    A few minutes later, we arrived at the Office in us a master arrive, they told me, ' ' let me talk to her (soul) for a moment, so, please don't make a sound. '' I replied, ' ' OK, I see!! ' After the master to enter the State, along with their conversation began! masters said, ' ' Hello! I'm here to help you out with my conversation? '' At first, nothing happens, but after a while, the Office of the lights are off-just then, I heard a woman says this, ' ' Hello! I no malicious I, but I've spent more than a decade, only a bit reluctant, has not left. ' Then, the master told me, ' ' what you hear! '' I nod to respond-masters and then asked me, ' ' that you have to catch her go? '' I answered, ' ' well, because I really do not want to work with her. ' Master said, ' ' okay, I will help you. ' After you finish, masters began chanting, chanting, I have heard that the ghost who told me, ' ' I'm going to kill you, I'll kill you! '


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