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急幫忙翻譯成英文 給20點 謝謝


文法必須正確 不要網路上直接照字面翻譯的




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    Guanziling located at the Baihe River town、for entire Taiwan one of four given name soup、is called the first under heaven spirit soup、in the bubbling spring smuggles underground argillaceous、has treats disease and raises the effect which the face improves looks、the depth the feminine friend is liked.

    The Guanziling hot spring throws the hot spring、the Yangming hot spring、the Sichongxi hot spring with the north and calls Taiwan four big hot spring; The Guanziling hot spring is after the Baihe River big earthquake creates、the springhead proceeds from left side of the boiling water brook which the pillow mountain、Mt. Hutou、vulture Fengshan surround、is in the argillaceous rock layer、the silt content are few; The Guanziling hot spring's water quality is special、assumes the cinereus、smuggles the underground rock layer argillaceous with the mineral substance、therefore the water seepage presents the cinereus、has 'the black hot spring' or 'the mud hot spring' the name、because the locality is rich in the natural gas and the sulfur、after the earthy water undergoes these natural heat source warming、creamy has the thick sulfur taste、the water seepage may the bath not be possible to drink、after the immersion、the whole body is happy. Moreover after washing、may have the skin the smooth feeling、the being possible be called natural cosmetology excellent works.

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